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I Live For These Moments (Complete) by ZeroKriyus_NutSack
I Live For These Moments (Complete)by ZeroKriyus_NutSack
A Zero x Yuki story. This is my first story so please feel free to give me tips on how I can improve. Hope you enjoy.
Zero and Yuki love story by AngelXillia
Zero and Yuki love storyby AngelXillia
Zero Kiryu and Yuki Cross from vampire knight spend their days at cross academy as the disiplinary committee guardians making sure the day class doesnt try to nearly att...
I Live For These Moments Too  by ZeroKriyus_NutSack
I Live For These Moments Too by ZeroKriyus_NutSack
The last book left readers with many questions. Will Zero die? Will Ai die? What will Shizuka do now that shes back? How does Kaname plan to help the Kriyus? Will Zero b...
A little Older- (Vampire Knight fanfic) (complete) by fugacia
A little Older- (Vampire Knight fa...by fugacia
Yuki lost Kaname, loves Zero and she's changed Zero leaves for... Three months, so what's happening? Completed Pls comment and R&R Vote if it's good
Golden Glow by Mikrokonosaurus
Golden Glowby Rissie
Yuki and Zero when Zero first starts living with Kaien Cross directly after his parents are murdered by Shizuka. Or Zero is having bad dreams and Yuki is there to help.
Tutor by ruby_helena
Tutorby Ruby V
When Zero is forced to tutor his ditzy adopted sister, will their nightly Math sessions blossom into something more?
We're Always Like This by GeekCraft5
We're Always Like Thisby Geek Craft
What if Zero was the one to save Yuki that snowy night.
A Twin's Sacrifice by Mikrokonosaurus
A Twin's Sacrificeby Rissie
Zeki one-shot post by August 31st
FATE (zeriyuki)  by emcke85
FATE (zeriyuki) by emcke85
shirayuki and Zen have been dating for a while now but she still gets really nervous around him, Zen takes the next step. what will happen?
Rose Peddles 🥀 by GeekCraft5
Rose Peddles 🥀by Geek Craft
If youve read Roses Falling Early then you might know what this is already. To give a short recap. Ai and Ren Kriyu are the Son and Daughter of Yuki and Zero Kriyu. This...
Not Until You Make Up   by Mikrokonosaurus
Not Until You Make Up by Rissie
Kaname and Hanabusa have a bad argument & haven't spoken in a while. Yuki is worried so she enlists the help of her boyfriend, Zero, to make the fighting two to make up.
You Were Never Alone by Mikrokonosaurus
You Were Never Aloneby Rissie
'Zero sat in the corner of his room, his roommate was out doing something or other. The silverette was on the floor because he decided that after what he had done he did...
allergy To Boys by shaneverano45
allergy To Boysby lalisa_manoban24
andito na sila sigaw Ng classmate ko at tumuli pa at mamatay na sa kilig Hindi ko sila pinansin at sinuot na Lang Ang headset ko nagtilian nanaman Ang mag classmate ko...
Next Part by enyalihz
Next Partby enyalihz
This is a zeki from vampire knight oneshot
Vampire knight Christmas- One Shot by TheCursedAngel95
Vampire knight Christmas- One Shotby TheCursedAngel95
Hey Guys, This is a Vampire Knight one shot. Dedicated to Aeyilaaa who wanted me to write more Vampire Knight fanfics. This is a one shot of Yuki and Zero's Christmas to...