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Aurora: Lion King by BiancaEvans2
Aurora: Lion Kingby LegolasG5*
This story is about an orphan cub found on the edge of the pride lands. That was adopted by Sarabi and Mufasa. They named the cub Aurora as they found her at dawn. How d...
The Lion King - The Bonds of Trust by MJDisneyfan4life
The Lion King - The Bonds of Trustby MJDisneyfan4life
After losing her parents at a young age to a murderous lion and facing abuse from her mean spirited aunt, a young African-Romani woman named Shani runs away from her vil...
The Lion King: Kion's Betrayal   by anash2969
The Lion King: Kion's Betrayal by Amber Nash
Alternate universe where the lion guard doesn't exist. Kion gets mistreated by his older brother as a cub and fights back with anger and hate, then slowly gets manipulat...
The Lion King - Untold 2 by BelleT25
The Lion King - Untold 2by Belle
SEQUEL to The Lion King - Untold Mufasa and Sarabi are now the rulers of the Pridelands. Sadly as we all know, their reign does not last long. What happened when Scar w...
The Lion King: Scar's Reign (editing) by Goddess_Of_Loki
The Lion King: Scar's Reign ( Nicole 💙📝
This story is based on 'The Madness of King Scar' & 'A Tale of Two Brothers.' A dark era has reached the Pride Lands, with Scar as its king. The lionesses, the hyenas: t...
Lion king 2: Simba's Pride by Lionkingcrazy
Lion king 2: Simba's Prideby Lionkingcrazy
King Simba and his queen, Nala, have defeated Scar after he killed Mufasa and took over pride rock. Simba and Nala start their own family by having 3 cubs, Kopa, Kiara...
Akida of Pride Rock {Lion King Fanfic} by GhostWaveWrites
Akida of Pride Rock {Lion King Ghostwave
Akida is and has always been serious. Not being as curious as his older brother, Simba. Akida's role in the Circle of Life is to protect his brother and future king. Bu...
The Lion King: Taka's Good Life by anash2969
The Lion King: Taka's Good Lifeby Amber Nash
We all know that Taka grew up to become Scar in the lion king. And we all knew what happened during the events of the movie. But what if he had a better life? What if h...
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the Lion King II: Harry's Pride [Hariana]  by 1Ddisneymovies
the Lion King II: Harry's Pride [ 1D\Disney
Harry's daughter Camila is the key to a resolution of a bitter feud between Harry's pride and the outcast pride led by the mate of Calum.
betrayal by Diseny_girl
betrayalby Ekram
It has been Two weeks sinces Scar goten defend Kion he hasent been the same sinces then he will have so many mood swings. Like one minute he exeramly angry on the other...
Sonic The Lion King by Bliss-The-Hedgehog
Sonic The Lion Kingby 🎃Bliss🎃
Bliss wakes up in a new lion form, in a new world and meets a new friend and many more. What will the adventure hold for them? A crossover between Sonic The Hedgehog and...
If Mufasa Lived by Leopardclaw
If Mufasa Livedby Leopardclaw
What would happen if Mufasa lived instead of dying in the Lion King by Scar's will? Find out in this original story. Note: I do not own The Lion King or any of its chara...
A New Generation by Wuttquad
A New Generationby Stop. Stop. You're Annoying.
I'm sure we're all familiar with the scene when Kovu proposes to run away with Kiara. What if she never declined? If she decided to run away with him. Her parents would...
Confusion (a Kion x OC story) by Helpimawreck
Confusion (a Kion x OC story)by Agape
Raised in captivity, Adea has never seen the glorious Pridelands her grandmother tells her about. Entranced by the stories of the noble King Ahadi, and his two sons, the...
Lion King Saga: The Words of Wisdom by IamPatroklos18
Lion King Saga: The Words of Wisdomby
Exodus is a young dark brown furred lion who is wise and friendly. He lived as an orphan in the special jungle paradise. His close friends were Timon and Pumba who were...
The Lion King by Colarein
The Lion Kingby Sadie
On a day like any other, among the waving grasses of gold and immortal skies of pale blue, a young lion prince is born. Like his father before him, he is destined to bec...
The lion king roleplay  by ryanzacharko14gmailc
The lion king roleplay by ryan Zacharko
Look at the roleplay rules on "happily N'ever after" roleplay, a'right? A'right. Also your oc can be human.
The Lion King: Love Will Find A Way by imobsessedwithlions
The Lion King: Love Will Find A Wayby Emmanuella Iroka
What if Nala was from another pride, what if Simba and Nala met as adolescents, what will happen then ? Read and find out.
The Golden Guardian Adventures: Timothy and the Lion Guard by TimDH812
The Golden Guardian Adventures: TimDH812
After pushing away his friends to destroy Queen Chrysalis, Timothy is cursed until he can learn what it means to be Loyal, Brave and True. While he is cursed, Timothy is...
The Lost Princess (Nala love story; gxg) by Str4ng3rTh1ngs01
The Lost Princess (Nala love Str4ng3rTh1ngs01
What if Simba had a sister he didn't know about? What if she is with Scar when he takes over the pridelands? What if Nala and Ari fall in love instead of Nala and Simba...