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FAT: Full-Figured Beauty by MsFanfictional
FAT: Full-Figured Beautyby Tay Here ♥
Kamari Stokes is what most people would call her, fat. Kamari's proud of her body and sees nothing wrong with it. The people around her thinks differently though. Her pa...
My Mistake | KTH FF | Reediting & continuing by xoxJulsxox
My Mistake | KTH FF | Juls°•⁷
*REEDITING* "We need to break up" He said coldly. "Why?" I stuttered. "I'm bored, Y/N." He stared deeply into my eyes as he said that. I lo...
Design Yourself by ThoLongXu
Design Yourselfby Thỏ Lông Xù
Mình không dạy ai cả, mình chỉ lưu ý một số thứ giúp các bạn có thể làm bìa tốt hơn. Mình không bắt buộc các bạn phải nghe theo hay thừa nhận mình đúng, mình chỉ đưa ra...
Sonic the hero of the Mushroom Kingdom  by ecgyannet
Sonic the hero of the Mushroom ecgyannet
Will Sonic obey God and set his people free or will Sonic do nothing to help them find out in this story.
To Who I Am by Samclaire8
To Who I Amby Samantha Lasky
This is me in words. It's not a story or pages of useless ranting. It's what I feel, what I think in the hours of class only my mind can escape. Because isn't escape wha...
My Bundle Of Poems by ONLYNESS
My Bundle Of Poemsby ONLYNESS
A bunch of poems I've written. Please continue to enjoy my content.
Weird That Style! by NamiraGhori
Weird That Style!by Namira Ghori
Fashion dictionary All fashion trends explained in details. Do's and don't.
One Teenager's Notes by sakshi18497
One Teenager's Notesby Sakshi Goyal
Loving and living life to the fullest
Yourself by MichaelKaiser1
Yourselfby Michael Kaiser
A simple night writing.
Maybe At Dawn by Jefflovesmoose
Maybe At Dawnby 𝚁𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚢𝙲12
You go with your friends and end up staying at a cabin in the woods that you had rented, but what happens when you only leave by yourself... Read to find out
How to protect yourself during monsoon season? by Jyoti201
How to protect yourself during Acne Treatment
Monsoon is just here and this is one of the most beautiful times of the year. But with monsoon comes different viral infections like cold, cough flu, dengue and malaria...
Quotes & Inspiration by lilyvizc
Quotes & Inspirationby lilyvizc
Little quotes Quotes that I will write when bored here and there I will sometimes write advise or other peoples quotes but I will give credit to those people °Everyday...
Change (Greyson Chance's FanFiction) by Nova0811
Change (Greyson Chance's Nova0811
My life was such full of mysterious. I was afraid to fall in love and I don't really remember my childhood memory. Everytime I really wanted to die but it's all CHANGE B...
To be you not someone else by mp1244
To be you not someone elseby mp1244
Talking about being you not someone else
About myself and I want to know about you guys :') by spoonscarrotsnandos
About myself and I want to know Jillbug
Hey guys, answer at least 10 questions? My answers aren't meant to hurt any of you guys, inbox me if you need advice, or someone to vent to, I'll listen, and I'll care...