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(Angel On The Battlefield) yandere Levi X Reader by Bakus_bitch991
(Angel On The Battlefield) yandere...by Lauren
"I will bring you home, my love." There have been rumours for years about a girl sneaking out of the walls. A girl nimble enough to sneak past the titans alon...
MINE *Werewolf Levi x Reader* by XOXOkadariXOXO
MINE *Werewolf Levi x Reader*by XOXOKADARIXOXO
*COMPLETED also warning there is smut on chpt. 34/ part two coming soon* "MINE" he growled at me. He had me pinned to the wall. I was his it dawned on me...
Heathens ( Yandere Levi x Reader ) by YoonBum_Protection
Heathens ( Yandere Levi x Reader )by YoonBum_Protection_Squad
S.I.N.A. the name short for Schooling for the Insane and Neurotic Adolescents. A facility made only for children under the age of eighteen. S.I.N.A. was created by the g...
Yandere Levi x Eren oneshots/shorts by Wolfy3002
Yandere Levi x Eren oneshots/shortsby Wolfy Grace
Just a bunch of Yandere Levi! I don't the characters or the pictures- just the shitty plot:)
Levi's Secret (Yandere! Levi X Reader) by seahoonie2704
Levi's Secret (Yandere! Levi X Rea...by seahoonie2704
Warning this story contains: Rape/ sexual abuse Gore Psychotic thoughts Gory hallucinations Murder When you first arrive at your new school you make a new friend who int...
𝘙𝘦𝘥 𝘚𝘩𝘰𝘦𝘴 + Yandere Levi Ackerman  by Buukyin
𝘙𝘦𝘥 𝘚𝘩𝘰𝘦𝘴 + Yandere Levi A...by ᴮᴼᴷᴶᴵᴺ
❝ if you run from me, I will pursue ❞ Yandere Levi Ackerman x Therapist
Blonde by Ackermanloveylle
Blondeby Ackermanloveylle
eren's friends keep disappearing. they all have one thing in common, blonde hair. the police can't do anything about it, so eren decided to find out himself. will he reg...
My Sexy Yandere Daddy by ShortcakeLevi
My Sexy Yandere Daddyby Levi
Eren was walk to his job called " Survey corps company." He sees the company owner in person. The brunette boy was bright red in the face to see this short rav...
𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏𝐁𝐑𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑. / Levi x Reader by PhoenixEffect
𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐏𝐁𝐑𝐎𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑. / Levi x R...by 𝐄 𝐕 𝐄
" Levi, please stop my mother is married to your father. " "Tch brat, it doesn't have any connection between us two. "
Sleepless nights { Riren }  by Luxuriousxxx
Sleepless nights { Riren } by Luxurious
SLOW UPDATES! Eren has trouble sleeping at night in the basement. He keeps having nightmares about captain levi hurting him physically, possessive about him. Whenever...
ONE Ⴆყ ONE by Orquidiea_Writer
ONE Ⴆყ ONEby Orquidiea_Writer
Levi had lost everything he loved. When he meets Eren, he'll be damned if it happens again. No matter if it is torcher, murder, or kidnapping-Levi will have his Eren by...
Sheer madness by jeagerlovesu
Sheer madnessby yeagerlovesu
"Je t'aime, Eren. I'm not gonna' hurt you...You understand that, right? I love you so much." Gone was his icy tone; the terrifying vibrato was replaced with a...
Don't Forget (You Will Always Be Mine) (Yandere!LevixEren) by unwind123
Don't Forget (You Will Always Be M...by Taco+J (HiatusAgain)
Eren and Levi are finally get into a romantics relationship, but one thing Eren fails to notice is that Levi quickly grows an obsession with him. Soon enough it's too la...
Touch my baby feel my wrath by creoleereri
Touch my baby feel my wrathby creoleereri
PLATONIC CRACK Levi is known as the angel of death for a corporation ran with his step cousin Erwin Smith. He's strong, he's ruthless, he's awkward and doesn't talk to a...
🅡🅞🅞🅜🅜🅐🅣🅔🅢 by Orquidiea_Writer
🅡🅞🅞🅜🅜🅐🅣🅔🅢by Orquidiea_Writer
(ERERI/ONGOING) After meeting a new guy, Eren starts remembering memories he never had about a romance he hadn't experienced. . . yet.
Yandere Eren x Reader - "Forever Mine." {SEQUEL} by WrongPhases
Yandere Eren x Reader - "Forever M...by Connie
Everyone knows Levi as your over protective loving best friend. Some even call you guys the best 'One True Pairing' if you guys were to ever start dating. But little did...
Wilted Red Rose [Yandere!Levi X Reader] by Alcetore
Wilted Red Rose [Yandere!Levi X Re...by Alcetore
A flower only lasted for so long, much like you. Levi simply just couldn't sit with that, so what better way than to forcibly make you his "guest." [Taken plac...
Aha (YandereLeviXFem.JournalistReader) by Yuko1000
Aha (YandereLeviXFem.JournalistRea...by Yuko
The fresh smell of newspaper filled the small apartment. Bolded letters in black, the fresh ink stained my fingers as I picked one up. The smell of coffee stuck to the w...
Yandere levi x reader AU by CrY_BaBy101010
Yandere levi x reader AUby CrY_BaBy101010
You are a new camper congratulations! Upon going to your new camp with your best friend you both come to realize that there's something off about a few campers and soon...