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Tamakis little sister  by Mayanater
Tamakis little sister by Mymy
Your brother takes your daughter to his friends house which turns out to be your ex that you dated in secret What will happen when he find out the truth about your daug...
The new Hitachiins toy by Mayanater
The new Hitachiins toyby Mymy
You've known the hitachiin twins since elementary but you've always ignored them because you had to keep up your study's not socialize But when your paired with the two...
My Hero Academia x Reader One-shots by LordSister
My Hero Academia x Reader One-shotsby LordSister
Do you love the beautiful boys of U.A.? No way! So do I! Here's a collection of xreader one-shots to satisfy your love of our favorite heroes! Constructive criticism is...
Kaorus daughter  by Mayanater
Kaorus daughter by Mymy
(Ages will be off a lot for this to work) Your y/n Hitachiin your Kaorus daughter your mother you have no clue who she is your dad never talks about her and your grandp...
Here for you - Erwin x Reader by Maryposavik
Here for you - Erwin x Readerby ReturnToTheRukh
COMPLETED // (Y/N) Is pretty good at reading people and have a talent for knowing when someone is not ok. Lately (y/n) has noticed that Commander Erwin Smith is not his...
Honeys twins by Mayanater
Honeys twinsby Mymy
You couldn't go to school because ever since you were little someone has been trying to and assassinate you After a few years you get to go to school with your twin bro...
Shot Through The Heart   (Shoto Todoroki x Reader) by kaorimiyazono11
Shot Through The Heart (Shoto To...by Princess Bella
"Even if the stars burn out and our world is falling around us, this is me promising I'll never leave you. (Y/N), let me be your hero." (Y/N) isn't a normal gi...
Summer with twins by Mayanater
Summer with twinsby Mymy
Your mom went on a summer vacation with a friend and her friends sons are staying with you for the summer You know them from school but you never really payed attention...
Life as Saerans wife by Mayanater
Life as Saerans wifeby Mymy
Being married to saeran has never been easy it's difficult mostly because you both fight a lot and after you both fight he leaves and stays with his brother for days or...
Moris sister  by Mayanater
Moris sister by Mymy
Your moris sister your a 2nd year Your starting late in the year because of a reason you'll find out When mori brings you to the host club you find your ex there what...
From maid to rich girl by Mayanater
From maid to rich girlby Mymy
You were one of the ootoris maids until Mr and Mrs ootori call you into their office with all their kids and tell them the truth about you. Your one of their kids they h...
Tamakis blind sister  by Mayanater
Tamakis blind sister by Mymy
Your tamakis sister your older brother is super protective over you because your blind. Since you were a kid you've went to a school for blind people but now your going...
His mistress  by Mayanater
His mistress by Mymy
You work as a maid for Kyoya ootori you've worked for him for 5 years and nothing is ever normal since kyoya has never been shy about his feelings and you'd be with him...
SteveXReaderXBucky - Fight Song by BerjhawnGideon
SteveXReaderXBucky - Fight Songby Berjhawn Gideon
Reader is the unknown daughter of Tony Stark. Because of certain circumstances she has grown up with a dark shadow hovering over her. All at once her dark past comes cre...
The Legend - Izuku Midoriya x Reader x Shoto/Shouto Todoroki by Glossy_Gamer
The Legend - Izuku Midoriya x Read...by Glossy
(THIS STORY'S SEQUEL IS: Never Forgotten (Book #2 of The Legend) - Shoto Todoroki x Reader x Izuku Midoryia/Deku There was a legend of a girl with powers unlike any othe...
The New girl ( Kageyama x Fem! Reader) by _Kageyamasmilk_
The New girl ( Kageyama x Fem! Rea...by _Kageyamasmilk_
Y/n enters the Karasuno school and immediately feels some eyes on her.. everyone is looking at y/n! The new girl ! Everyone is looking at y/n like she is some kind of ce...
Kyoyas best friend and tamakis ex  by Mayanater
Kyoyas best friend and tamakis ex by Mymy
A year after you and tamaki broke up you kinda disappeared and the only person who knew where you were was Kyoya tamaki tries to get him to tell him where you are but h...
Jumins sister by Mayanater
Jumins sisterby Mymy
One day when you were walking around you get a text from an unknown number to return a phone What will happen when you meet your ex again
It has only begun- Tommyinnit x Reader by IntrovertedRat13
It has only begun- Tommyinnit x Re...by IntrovertedRat13
Tommy is a minor so no smut. this takes places in the minecraft world and contains spoilers for SMP war Tommy if you find this.....sorry i guess any and all art is owned...
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios [AoT Junior High Ver.] (Levi X Reader) by MegaBlazethecat
Levi Boyfriend Scenarios [AoT Juni...by MegaBlazethecat
A book filled with boyfriend scenarios about you spending time with humanity's strongest who is an actual bad-ass named, Levi Ackerman from Attack On Titan. But as you...