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World War Three {Avengers - Infinity War} by DalvieCurtis
World War Three {Avengers - R A D I A N T
¡ COMING SOON ! "YOU MEANT THE WORLD TO ME, THEN YOU WENT WORLD WAR THREE" // In which Mira Lam and Devon Jackson have protect what they love. // BOOK THREE O...
✧.* Wings ✧.* by xXCanadainHoneyyXx
✧.* Wings ✧.*by Froggie
Let me explain this Au first! So every country has two animals they can be, one is a folklore and the other is a native animal from that country. ...
End of Mutations (TMNT Apocalypse AU) [ON HOLD] by hope_forever_18
End of Mutations (TMNT Fre sha vac ado
"Do you think we can make it?" "We have to believe that we can, Des. No matter what happens, we have to keep going." New York was the first to fall...
Two Soldiers by flapjack82
Two Soldiersby Adam Dempsey
When an American soldier is wounded, he makes his way to shelter and meets an unlikely friend.
Adventures in the Subconscious by HaveSomeShawarma
Adventures in the Subconsciousby HaveSomeShawarma
During World War III, a young woman with a shady past comes to live in the weirdest neighborhood in America. This story was not written by a crack addict.
Yamauchi by LHT1995
Yamauchiby Luke
- A reimagined Saving Private Ryan with Asian focus - A companion to Red Sun Rising. Indo-Pacific, 2027. World War III has been raging for 2 years, thanks to the fact th...
In the Heart of Berlin by WhiteTiger04
In the Heart of Berlinby James Burns
As Donald Trump takes over Germany and makes his decisions like Adolf Hitler, a 6th Grade class now in college unites to defeat Trump. The Nazi Mark IIs are taking over...
The Audubons by therealmothmanwrites
The Audubonsby .dead.poets.society.
The symbiotes were found during World War III. /// In a world where everybody wants to be god, Arlo Alveris-Bristow just wants his life to go back to normal.
Refuge by thatgiirlc
Refugeby thatgiirlc
World War III, the whole of the UK has been evacuated to the US. Families have been separated, children have been scattered around the states without their parents. Two...
The Supernaturals ➹ by not_about_angels_
The Supernaturals ➹by ✩✧✦Kay✩✧✦
Kelly, the definition of prefect, or 'Golden girl'. But, what happens when she learns the world wasn't always like this? When you didn't have to hide at night, or have s...
Soldier Girl by BlyanaTheWolf
Soldier Girlby BlyanaTheWolf
After 100 years, three major events have taken place. 1. The earth has split into two sides, both fighting against each other in the third world war. 2. The feminists...
Sectors  by the_story_teller99
Sectors by The_Story_Teller_99
Post world war 3 survivors in underground bunkers under the governments control, new rules and laws are in put into effect follows the story of a young former security g...
World War Three by ApocalypseGuy
World War Threeby Dylan Brookes
Dylan Evans was just a normal teenager trying to get through high school... that's until World War Three started. Life for everyone who survived the horrific event has d...
The Emerald Button by NicoLamron
The Emerald Buttonby Nico Lamron
How sad is she and how cruel of him, right? I like a girl could ever have a choice in this world I built for this story. It was a mistake that she was in enlisted in the...
Alone and at War by lil__Marshmallow
Alone and at Warby lil__Marshmallow
I sit in the corner of my cell, shivering. I was recently moved to the basement of the P.O.W camp for complete isolation to see if they could brake me. I won't brake. I...
When the War Ends by gee_that_one_potatoe
When the War Endsby G. Shields
A war between the nations A group of teenagers-turned-partisans, waiting to avenge their parents' lives Two Irish boys who want their parents back A budding romance in t...
Mikea Chronicles Of World War Three by Stache70
Mikea Chronicles Of World War Threeby Stache70
Mikea And her older brother Nathan witness only the first only meator to start a war. Mute Girl Mikea has to go through camps. She gets beat for not being able to speak...
Loss of souls by Reecy77
Loss of soulsby Reeceeeybooy
In the bleak times of world war 3, life is a struggle, this time harder to survive as weapons become more deadly and laws are broken, chemical weapons fired daily, only...