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•Jacob Tremblay imagines • ✔️ by Martell-
•Jacob Tremblay imagines • ✔️by ✨🏳️‍🌈ˢᵃʳᵃʰ🏳️‍🌈✨
The imagine characters are Max, Auggie, Jacob, and a few of Blue. Also Leo and B/f/n is Y/n's main best friends in imagines.
High school: Auggie x Jack Will  by xomevhere
High school: Auggie x Jack Will by bitterblue
Auggie, Jack, Charlotte, and Summer are entering their first year of high school. The friends are inseparable. They are each unique from the rest of their classmates in...
Jack Will x Auggie by u01011
Jack Will x Auggieby u01011
So I recently watched the movie Wonder and I thought that Jack and Auggie were just the cutest little thing. I'll be writing a storyline about how their friendship grows...
Cream and Sugar by wewildhearts
Cream and Sugarby ashes
As Alina watches two strangers fall in love in the coffee shop she works at, her heart begins to open as well. wewildhearts © 2017
Surviving the School Trip  #WondertheMovie by Gravitychecker
Surviving the School Trip #Wonder...by Gravitychecker
When 5 kids from the senior trip to the Empire State Building get stuck in an elevator for 3+ hours, how are they supposed to survive without killing each other? ***sho...
it wasn't the nail polish adorning his fingernails that intrigued her━ it was his courage. [ entry for the #WonderTheMovie contest ]
just be kind by rachel_annmarie
just be kindby Rachel Annmarie
Sometimes in a world where there are cruel intentions and malice words, all you can do is just be kind. My entry for the #wonderthemovie #wondermovie contest
Not Today by justawriter2702
Not Todayby Amy Dang
Written for the WonderTheMovie Contest. Lauren is a high school senior. She has one painful story, but instead of letting it tear her down, she chooses instead to help a...
The Old Man by AnnieCMorrison
The Old Manby AnnieCMorrison
I entered this short story into the #WonderTheMovie contest. This is a story that shows the power of forgiveness and how important it is to be kind in such a cruel worl...
Different and Special by NicoleStarr13
Different and Specialby NicoleStarr13
I'm different. That's what everyone thinks. I don't have any friends because people tease me about who I am. Some people are even afraid of me. I don't know why my paren...
A little goes a long way by KelcielovedbyJesus
A little goes a long wayby Kelcie
#wondermovie #wonderthemovie #loveyourself #loveothers "Now these 3 remain: faith, hope, & love, but the GREATEST of these is LOVE." 1 Corinthians 13 A fictio...
Colorless by amadislegit
Colorlessby Amadis
In which a colorless girl learns: "When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind."
Seventeen by Frenchys0Fables
Seventeenby Frenchy Starfire
Seventeen tear old Marcy Jordon had twin baby girls and no one to help her raise them until she meets a professional trained nurse to help her along the way before she d...
The Man More Fortunate Than I by AZflorence
The Man More Fortunate Than Iby AZflorence
This story tells of two men- one has money, power, and pride- the other, compassion, kindness, and humility.
To Know Kindness (#WonderTheMovie) by Amberbird2003
To Know Kindness (#WonderTheMovie)by Amberbird2003
The worlds Loneliness, Envy, Denial, Hate, and Logic all know themselves very well, but are not brave enough to know Kindness. Are you?
Reply by Levistatedderome
Replyby Valerie
How beautiful is to stay silent when someone expects you to be enraged? Cali was one of the bullies, there at every corner to make Ally's life miserable but what happen...
What am I? by DarkKupyd
What am I?by Kupyd
It's has 500 words. This is my entry for the contest. It's the fictional tale of a small stuffed bunny. It may not be the best or perfect, but I did put in a lot of effo...
Smile Avery by _ttylx
Smile Averyby Desiree 💗
One person can change everything. ••• Avery has been an orphan her whole life. She doesn't even know what her real name is, she was dropped off at the front door of an o...
Love the Haters: a short story by death_will_rise
Love the Haters: a short storyby death_will_rise
This is for the WondertheMovie writing challenge! Please read, and I hope you!