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Curious (Wolfstar AU) by AlexsLeatherJacket
Curious (Wolfstar AU)by Sirius Lupin
One day Remus receives a random text from an unkown number, what will that lead to? Wofstar Muggle AU This is my first time ever writing fanfiction, so if you have any...
Ineffable  by lmaowords
Ineffable by miranda
ineffable: /adj/ too great to be expressed in words [ inspired by Text Talk ] [ mauraders; AU ] [ wolfstar ]
Skipping time (Wolfstar au) by professorpeeves
Skipping time (Wolfstar au)by Professor Peeves
The Longbottoms are dead and the war is over, mostly. Just a story of mostly post first war (no azkaban) Wolfstar, but also Peter (the not-traitor) trying to find his wa...
daydreaming - wolfstar by ibreathefanfiction
daydreaming - wolfstarby liv
// EDIT - ok so im super embarrassed now that ive re read the story but people seem to like it so ill keep it up but i would just like to point out that i wrote this in...
all officially posted to my Instagram @ stanjegulus just wanted another copy here :)) no official face-claims jegulus & wolfstar & dorlene & flonks & bartyxkingsley <...
The Youtuber & the Teacher {wolfstar au}  by Grace_rhodes_121
The Youtuber & the Teacher {wolfst...by Gracey_rhodes
Alternate dimension where there is no such thing as wizards Sirius Black is a famous youtuber that has just come out of the closet Remus Lupin is a secondary school hist...
The Runaway  by potterhead_fic
The Runaway by Mrs. Freckles
Wolfstar Muggle Modern AU. Sirius Black is a famous model in London. His life is controlled by his mother and horrible stepfather. One day, he decides to runaway. But wh...
Accident (wolfstar au) [ON HOLD] by queenofmoondoor
Accident (wolfstar au) [ON HOLD]by sav
accidents do happen, some are good and some are bad. will this accidental phone call lead to something more? •wolfstar au [ON HOLD/ discontinued?]
The Wolf Hunt | Wolfstar | ON HOLD by -wiltedflower-
The Wolf Hunt | Wolfstar | ON HOLDby -`ɪsᴜʀɪ ´-
Remus Lupin ; werewolf Sirius Black ; werewolf hunter How complicated can it be? This is gonna include some sad shit. I've warned you.
Liquid Courage ↠ Wolfstar by CrownedDrarry
Liquid Courage ↠ Wolfstarby Mothman
[Wolfstar New Years AU, short story]
Curtain Call  { Wolfstar } by dolefully
Curtain Call { Wolfstar }by I have returned
They put the drama in drama club.
Beautiful Boy by tristelefant
Beautiful Boyby aurora
Basically, Sirius has been going to the same coffee shop for a while, part because he liked the food there, but mostly because of him. Dun dun duuun
Say Cheese by madisonisthename
Say Cheeseby madisonisthename
{Wolfstar AU} Remus is a photographer for a famous fashion magazine called The Daily Prophet. Sirius is a model, new to The Daily Prophet. Sirius will smile, but for who...
Shelter • wolfstar au by sarsasstic
Shelter • wolfstar auby ʲᵘˢᵗ ˡⁱˢᵃ
❝somtimes i think you are a human hiding in a dog's body.❞ ❇ with his best friends dead, sirius black feels that he truly has nowhere to go. lonely and a...
Cigarettes and Cinnamon by m00n8904
Cigarettes and Cinnamonby MJ
A wolfstar AU. After James Potter bets notorious fuckboy Sirius Black that he can't go a month without having sex, Sirius is forced to form a new kind of relationship wi...
What's Wrong With Me? (Wolfstar AU) by xxpeircethealexxx
What's Wrong With Me? (Wolfstar AU)by Alex Black
How foolish we are, to think that immortality means to live forever.
starboy | wolfstar texting au (not finished) by undercookedfrog
starboy | wolfstar texting au (not...by phoebo :)
when remus gets a text in the middle of the night, does he decide to fight or flirt? inspired by sunflower (by @chuckies_wife) story cover: upthehillart have a nice day ...
At Full Brightness by _highlyycaffeinated_
At Full Brightnessby K
*sequel to You Make Me Lovely* Things rarely ever turn out exactly the way you imagined. If you would have asked Sirius if he ever thought he'd have a kid, he would've...
Mini Padfoot. by EllieLupinBlack
Mini Padfoot.by Ellie :)
This is an AU marauders fanfic! It's still in the wizarding world, however Remus and Sirius adopt a daughter named Ellie (totally not me 🌝) yeah, it's an AU where Wolf...
Marauders at Summercamp (au) by AnM123yt
Marauders at Summercamp (au)by AnM123
Messers Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, & Prongs find that summer camp isn't quite how their dear parents described it. They manage to get up to no good as always, of course...