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Wishes Do Come True   Ash x Reader by Eevee-paw-prints
Wishes Do Come True Ash x Readerby Eevee-paw-prints
As kid you loved pokemon. Every night at 11:11 you whished that you could meat Ash. Little did you know that it would only work on your sweet sixteen. You have one wish...
One Wish by disnsey101
One Wishby Disneywawwa
Emma, Will, and Jasmine wish at a wishing well, causing them to go to 5 different Disney movies. To show them that dreams do come true and on the way realize that if you...
The Midnight Wish by SheebahK
The Midnight Wishby SheebahK
About a girl who didnt grow with her r parents instead she grew eith het aunt who gave her hell on earth but one day her family members looked for her and saved her from...
stars by SheenaMarieMacasarte
starsby cutee
all about stars. do you believe that a stars can mean destiny? once was nothing to everything one shot
Wishes do come true by daydreamerjack
Wishes do come trueby fayth horner
this story is about how my wish came true but, I have wished this for about two years before it finally came true......
Young One by NylaTheTordtwin
Young Oneby NylaTheTordtwin
As your life goes on your life goes deeper and deeper through a time loop of sadness...You wish you could get your brother and mother back as then but you try everythin...