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Lost | √ by moonpilots
Lost | √by lilly ☆
She's always been lost in life, but she never knew she could be lost in love. Copyright © 2018 by moonpilots. All rights reserved.
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Thorns In The Way. by blackforever54
Thorns In The Sin
#4 - standards on 14 June #54 - Insecurity on 14 June Once best friends Now strangers With sweet and bitter memories Bella Rose and Aiden Mathews became best friends in...
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Winter Break| TAEKOOK-oneshot  by Transient_Time
Winter Break| TAEKOOK-oneshot by • Lazy •
A tale about a lonely man who met a boy in winter break.
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[Stosuh, highschool au] Fell for my best friend by denkixkinnie
[Stosuh, highschool au] Fell for 👁👄👁
Heyoooooo! It's me again, ahaha- Anyways...yes, i'm very much aware of Stephen leaving DanPlan. I was very sad when I heard that..but I decided to lighten the mood with...
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Stuck In A Cabin With Him  by MrMustache
Stuck In A Cabin With Him by Sam
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Don't say i didn't warn you by fucky0umate
Don't say i didn't warn youby fucky0umate
They had no idea that losing a loved one would hurt this badly. No one ever told them that the pain and heartbreak of losing someone you care about would hurt this much...
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Texting Happiness by copsmile
Texting Happinessby copsmile
Ellie Crawford has been nothing but the image of a perfect student, except for science of course, but she doesn't like to talk about it. Brian Davis is the model jock...
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The winter break by iitspayton_imagine
The winter breakby Payton Moormeier Stories💞
It all started with the winter break of 2018 💞🌨🌨
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Keagan and Jackson: adventures in Minnesota by BtsIca_98
Keagan and Jackson: adventures Jessica Fernandez
Jackson and Keagan are enjoying the Winter Vacation with Mame Dieng, the Daughter of Gorgui Dieng. They'll be hanging out with The Dieng Siblings. Yet, there's going to...
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Winters Time {SoMa} by NaomiStories12
Winters Time {SoMa}by NaomiStories12
Says it in the title
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A Totally (not) Normal School Year by BraviKoury3
A Totally (not) Normal School Yearby BraviKoury3
Who will Bravi choose between Weston or Mark? Read more to find out!
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My Only Regret In Life #LookingForAlaskaContest by justbenicetopeople
My Only Regret In Life JJ
A teenage girl who falls in and out of feelings way too easily and much too quickly gets her first taste at love. Thanks to @FiftyShadesOfTimmy for the cover, it's a mas...
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Drowning til I can breathe again by SerenaMN
Drowning til I can breathe againby SmnStories
In this story 22 year old Camari Nakarmura; an american raised japanese college student is stuck between what is real and what is said to her, when she constantly has tr...
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12 Days of Bennett by MadilWalla
12 Days of Bennettby MadilWalla
Completed. When Kendall was told that she has to spend winter break up north with her aunt, she wasn't happy. Not only does she have plans already, but it is her first w...
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Love on winter break by whensdayaddams
Love on winter breakby whensdayaddams
Love story about shy girl that meets a cute guy when she goes on winter break with scouts.
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A Very Cassidy Christmas by AimeeBrooks6
A Very Cassidy Christmasby Aimee Brooks
When Emily and David Barrow go to visit their friends, the eccentric Cassidy family, the day before Christmas, they find themselves stuck there after a freak snowstorm h...
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Winter Break//Stranger Things by cbear396
Winter Break//Stranger Thingsby cbear396
The Stranger Things cast get a break from filming over winter break. Millie goes back home to Texas to visit family and friends. What will happen when the rest of the ca...
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Sometimes life doesn't go as planned by carlydoran28
Sometimes life doesn't go as carly doran
Breelyn Adure is in her senior year. It is December 23rd of 2016 and she is driving up to the Poconos for the weekend to be with Marcus, her boyfriend of 4 years. Breely...
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The Winter Mingling by BaeBunny21
The Winter Minglingby BaeBunny21
After 2 years in Louisville, Kentucky, Sabrina decides to return to Indianapolis, Indiana for the winter break to stay with her once father at the city she once called h...
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Christmas Eve (A Short Holiday Story) by AmethystJewels
Christmas Eve (A Short Holiday Amethyst Jewels
After months of recovering from an upsetting breakup, 16-year old introvert Phoebe is invited to a friend's holiday party.... Copyright 2019 Amethyst Jewels