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Wife Swap Special Edition by sweetsarasafety
Wife Swap Special Editionby Sara
What happens 20 years after Renesmee was born and the Denali family move in with the Cullens? A game of truth or dare of course! Carmen dares Renesmee to sign the whole...
Wife Swap Cullens  Style by janeandalce
Wife Swap Cullens Styleby Jane Volturi
What if Emmett thought it would be a good idea to sign Esme up for wife swap jane and Alec are living with the Cullens they are mates to Leah and Seth that way they ar...
Cullen Wife Swap by aimeea_xoxxx
Cullen Wife Swapby Aiman Ashfaq
What will happen when Emmett signs the family up for a wife swap? Read to find out
Mr. Billionaire  by jinkookmunchkin9297
Mr. Billionaire by Azaan_Lost_soul🐰
I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as...
Cullen Wife Swap||Completed|| by NessMartin
Cullen Wife Swap||Completed||by Ness Martin ❣
After the Volturi left, Renesmee was left to be raised freely and with love. Now looking like a 13 year old girl, she decided to give her grandmother Esme a gift. The...
Twilight wife swap by MyTwilightSaga
Twilight wife swapby MyTwilightSaga
There is always Chaos at the cullen household , evil vampires trying to kill the child , werewolf's ripping each other to shreds even everyday activities such as going o...
The Blood Witch by mysteas
The Blood Witchby molly
Snarky, violent and awaiting execution, Sasha Velwin spends her last night in the iron chains of the royal dungeon. Her crimes? Heresy, desertion and practicing blood ma...
Cullen wife swap by lizziejandnjboss
Cullen wife swapby lizziejandnjboss
When Emmett signs Esme up for wife swap in order to get back at her and Carlisle what will happen to the new wife and will Esme be able to live faraway from her family f...
Bettering my life: 101 by Dreamtwister_
Bettering my life: 101by Dreamtwister_
This is my diary or journal of me talking about my life. writing about how I feel a don what I'm doing to better myself mentally,emotionally,and physically. No one has t...
Cullen wife swap ( twilight fanfiction ) ~DISCONTINUED~ by LukeyHemmings04
Cullen wife swap ( twilight fanfic...by Scarlett
Another one of Emmett and his amazing ideas
Hinata!!! (Wife Swap Story) by pika_choo_choo
Hinata!!! (Wife Swap Story)by Moonlight🌙
All Wife's switch with the husbands and the people I think they look good with (MY OPINION), only their kekki genki, backstory, and personality. Different plot than the...
WIFE SWAP - A Roleplay [[OPEN]] by StillHeckinTrash
WIFE SWAP - A Roleplay [[OPEN]]by 𝒯𝓇𝒶𝓈𝒽
DeAntes. Potts. Patterson. Vega. Gants. Moyen. Ardur. Adams. All across America, families participate in the fabled trashy television show. For two weeks, each w...
Lost Girl.  by _babypoisonivy
Lost Girl. by Cait
This is a true story This is my story
Cullen's Wife Swap Adventures by AmyRameriz
Cullen's Wife Swap Adventuresby Amy
Emmet gets the whole gang on a show called wife swap but what happens when the gang gets stuck with each others wives or husbands? Will there be jealousy? Heartbreak? Fi...
Wife Swap (BTS) by Satan613613613
Wife Swap (BTS)by Mrs. Min
*Minor Swearing* "I'm only doing this for the good of my marriage" He said, looking at me sideways, giving off a certain cold demeanor. "Me as well. I am...