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Whouffle One Shots (Clara + Doctor) by Emily_Anne0809
Whouffle One Shots (Clara + Doctor)by Em x
I WROTE THIS YEARS AGO. IT'S REALLY CRINGEY BUT CONTINUE ON IF YOU WANT! Short, cute, fluffy whouffle one-shots! If a chapter is inappropriate I'll let you know (very ra...
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RUN by R_bribriona
RUNby Arbrianna
Clara is the Doctor's salvation. She's perfect for him in every way. The Doctor needs her in his life. He just doesn't realize how much until she is dead. But he isn't l...
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Watch Us Run ~ Whoufflé Oneshots by AngelFlo12
Watch Us Run ~ Whoufflé Oneshotsby Flo
Join the Eleventh Doctor as he whisks away his new companion Clara Oswald in the TARDIS! The two will embark on epic adventures and will face other-worldly monsters - ol...
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You Clever Boy (Book Two of RUN Series) by R_bribriona
You Clever Boy (Book Two of RUN Se...by Arbrianna
Clara Oswald is not herself. In fact she is very much the opposite of her peaceful loving self. The Doctor has to find out why before she single handedly wipes out the h...
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Doctor Who One shots by madmansbluebox
Doctor Who One shotsby Ⓜⓞⓝⓘⓠⓤⓔ
These one shots are about 40% sadness 40% fluff and 20% I don't know what I'm doing. There's quite a few x readers in here along with some poetry as well (yikes) and my...
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Clara/ The Doctor (11) by TimeLordObsessed
Clara/ The Doctor (11)by Naomi
Clara and the eleventh doctor smut book
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Doctor Who Oneshots by FaNdOmFiCs03
Doctor Who Oneshotsby M
These are just mini stories that I didn't feel like writing a whole long plot to. Thanks for reading! :) (All characters and settings taken from the show belong to BBC a...
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CLEVER- A Wholock AU. (Clara Oswald+Sherlock Holmes) by ohmystarsclara
CLEVER- A Wholock AU. (Clara Oswal...by isabella
Clara Oswald wakes up in a cheap, little hotel in London with a wiped memory. As she tries to start her life over she meets the consulting detective, her neighbor; Sherl...
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Sonic Screwdrivers and Lipsticks  by starshipranger258
Sonic Screwdrivers and Lipsticks by Livia
When the 11th Doctor and Clara take Luke and Sky Smith into the Tardis under their protection, they rely on each other more then ever. Clara, the teacher who is great wi...
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Another Burnt Souffle, With Love by polarize_my_frens
Another Burnt Souffle, With Loveby :døn'tgøbackønstage:
A book with tons of one-shots of for Whouffle! Clara and 11 are the cutest ship ever! (I would love to take requests, prompts, songs, etc.,)
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Choices by anjrox12
Choicesby can we fix can we blend can w...
"No! We literally had a five minute conversation! I cannot fancy someone I only said about two sentences to!" ________________________________ Clara Oswald...
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Maybe, Maybe Not by tardisbaker
Maybe, Maybe Notby tardisbaker
The Doctor takes Clara on a different trip, not just any old planet, but the TARDIS. Words are exchanged and feelings arise between the two. Will the TARDIS bring them c...
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Whouffaldi Collection by _JennaColeman_
Whouffaldi Collectionby A fangirl
"I will hold Clara's hand but that's it" Cover by It's Liam Edits
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Whouffle Oneshots by fishbitesNcustard
Whouffle Oneshotsby fishcustard
My first Whouffle Oneshot!!! Please Enjoy!!!! lots of FLUFF!!!!! Updated Monthly(Sometimes weekly if I have time)
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Just a series of whouffle one-shots I wrote :) Enjoy :)
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Souffle for The Doctor (A Whouffle FanFiction) by TimelordInTheImpala
Souffle for The Doctor (A Whouffle...by Sammy Winchester
Part One After leaving the TARDIS about a year ago, Clara realises that she misses the Doctor and his wacky adventures. Thankfully he finds her and she is pulled into an...
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Under My Protection (Whoufflé One-Shots) by ikwewi-manijoosh
Under My Protection (Whoufflé One...by Mary.Margaret
Who doesn't love Whoufflé? One-shots will be added when I think of them. Most chapters will have the 11th Doctor, but a few will contain the 12th. I'll say at the top...
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My Dear Professor: whouffaldi by lonelyoldtardis
My Dear Professor: whouffaldiby Kam Marji
PROFESSOR AU: It is Clara Oswald's second year of University. And a certain professor has peaked her interest. A mysterious grey-haired man. Who is he? [whouffaldi/whouf...
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A Collection of Whouffle by HeartlessWench
A Collection of Whouffleby HeartlessWench
A collection of Whouffle one-shots, as requested by my fellow Whovians! I would love for you guys to comment on the story to enter your prompts, or you can PM me. I feel...
They Don't Know About Us - Whouffaldi by GoldenEnderFox
They Don't Know About Us - Whouffa...by GoldenEnderFox
Doctor Who - Whouffaldi | Twelve x Clara Clara and the Doctor have been together for two years but nobody knows about their relationship... Well... Missy knows. Nina dec...
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