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Manan-Love And Attitude by akshita435
Manan-Love And Attitudeby Aanchal
#01 in fanfiction on 23/02/18 Nandini murthy:-) A girl full of life and fun, wants to be independent and stand on her own feet. Loves her family. Manik malhotra:-) A res...
The Price of Gold | Fortune's Fool #1 by KiwiAndKoalas
The Price of Gold | Fortune's Fool...by 🥝 kiwi 🥝
❝ The question is, are you worth your weight in gold? ❞ Reputation is a sacred sheet of parchment at Forteux Academy. Handled carefully, it can become a bill of gold...
The Taste of Silver | Fortune's Fool #2 by KiwiAndKoalas
The Taste of Silver | Fortune's Fo...by 🥝 kiwi 🥝
❝ A liar once said that every cloud has a silver lining. ❞ In a kingdom as renowned as Forteaux Academy, the falling of one monarch leads to the ascendance of another. H...
Like I Need You by KAEUPHORIA
Like I Need Youby ‍‍‍‍‍
An Epistolary Novel
Stargazing || Sirius Black  by ieatbrains
Stargazing || Sirius Black by m a r i s s a
"Beauty isn't going to get you everything you want, Black." "No but it certainly helps."
BLEAK by Ortiz-Novels
BLEAKby Ortiz-Novels
Gunner Ardent discovers that his Luna is none other than Mindy Rivers. Granddaughter to one of the most ruthless fighters the Cobalt Nation has ever seen. Mindy, however...
MaNan- Faded Scars  by SassyTeenager_
MaNan- Faded Scars by Sassyツ
2.1# In such a sophisticated universe Manik Malhotra is a powerful and arrogant Business man who controls the life of his people in ways favorable to him but not long as...
Mr. Grade Ten by ricemealx
Mr. Grade Tenby Rebecca Emmanuel
Krizelle was a broken glass shattered into pieces that couldn't get repaired. But when a positive headed boy Jayrome was chosen to be Krizelle's partner in a pageant for...
You Can Have My Heart (Heart Series #2) by shoppaholicbarbie
You Can Have My Heart (Heart Serie...by shabby dawn
SYNOPSIS: For years, being in a relationship with Kirsten Eve makes Gaea Cassiopeia feel normal and completed. She makes her feel good enough and worthwhile despite of...
Trouble With The Billionaires (Bachelor In Love Series #1) by _musu__
Trouble With The Billionaires (Bac...by Muskaan
🌹Winner of Third Place in Chicklit Genre of The Second Ohana Awards.🌹 🌹Winner of Third Place In Chicklit Category of The Spring Awards 2018. 🌹 🌹Winner of Third Plac...
The Story Of Us 2 (CAMREN)  by capteyyncamren
The Story Of Us 2 (CAMREN) by capteyyncamren
"...and then, everything was a restart,"
Wrong Number (Accidentally In Love Series, Book#1) || ON HOLD  by _musu__
Wrong Number (Accidentally In Love...by Muskaan
It was a wrong number, an accidental mistake on the part of the sender and she sowed a discord on her own. And it materialized a game of hide and seek, in the middle. Bu...
When Bad meets Evil.. ( Discontinued)  by Muskan568
When Bad meets Evil.. ( Discontinu...by MÜSKÂÑ
Meet Tiana Hills- school's nerd. Well not the typical nerd with nose in the books but the one who is quit. And so, people try to bully her. Now meet The Evil - she is f...
Highly Recommended  by silver-skys
Highly Recommended by #Leslie#
This is for all those who can't get a book that's just right A book that will keep you up all night Books that will show you a whole a new world Cheesy .....I know but...
私は選ぶことができます// I Can Choose by Mengmenggala
私は選ぶことができます// I Can Chooseby Ambot oi.
"Love" what is love? For you? It's just a fairytale line, for you, you can already feel love just by your older siblings, so why bother? Asahina (y/n) , the yo...
Magnetic Romance (EDITING) by KatherineForever_317
Magnetic Romance (EDITING)by K A T H E R I N E
Have you ever dreamed of finding...the one? Of course you have, we all have. We hold on to that hope that there is an invisible string attached to our hearts that on th...
the best books on wattpad by hannah_me_an_auxcord
the best books on wattpadby h a n n a h
Out of all the books I've read on Wattpad, these are my personal favorites :) Check 'em out! ❁ all books are completed ❁ all books are in English ❁ no spoilers ❁...
More Than 12 Rounds  by beautybreezy
More Than 12 Rounds by beautybreezy
"There'll be an audience to see if you can actually give more than twelve rounds. So its best that you put up that fight and give them your best." - Unknown Co...
While On The Run. by doiseemtocare
While On The Run.by k.
When she had enough of her father and his illegal ways of earning money, Sylvia ran away to a new place, planning a new beginning. In her new school, she disguised herse...
My Real Fake Love by LightningStrikes13
My Real Fake Loveby Jerico G. Rivera
Bryan and Adam Perez are twins. They're both stupid hot, talented, genius, at higit sa lahat... IDENTICAL! Pero ang plot twist? BAKLA ang isa. But life is unpredictable...