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Wolf's Bane by VioletandBane
Wolf's Baneby VioletandBane
A story of a Girl who falls in love with a so called Beast.. but she has known him all her life.. He on the other hand has loved her for ever.. but his little secret has...
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Power of the Elements by Blood-att
Power of the Elementsby Jazz (Blood-att)
When life turns upside down. Diana realises that she and her younger sister Jenna belong to the supernatural world. But the most shocking part for poor Diana is when she...
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The Forbidden Love  by XQueenPurpleOrchidX
The Forbidden Love by Sammy Davis
Kutsui Riley and Nyx Evans were best friends and mates. Kutsui is the Alpha and Nyx is the future Luna of The WickedMidnight Pack. She's been missing for months. Will K...
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The Priestess by mintchocochipcookie
The Priestessby Chocolate Chip
Werewolves have hidden themselves carefully from human scrutiny for centuries and have evolved into powerful clans all around the world. They have prospered into fully f...
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1 | rising from the ashes  by emgreen___
1 | rising from the ashes by em
tw x tvd In world of death, pain, and destruction, a phoenix will rise from the ashes. "you are the light in a world of darkness" "you will bring the wor...
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PENELOPE by Subbystar
PENELOPEby Subomi Olaogun
This story is purely fictional. Any resemblance with real people is a coincidence. ©Subbystar **** I closed my eyes to brace the stinging pain of the fire burning my ski...
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The King's Enchantress by xcarriexrosex
The King's Enchantressby Carrie Rose
new story - - Natalia Ramos has been sheltered for as long as she can remember. Her life used to be boring, stagnant, with no change. That was until she finally went out...
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The legends by AaliyahCorelle
The legendsby Naomi
"Who are you and what are you doing here?" The man says. I just look at him, too winded to answer. "Who are you and what are you doing here?! I wont ask a...
Devil's Advocate by themanjulian
Devil's Advocateby themanjulian
"I-Ikaari, we're in public!" I whine softly as he presses me up against my car, his tongue running across the sensitive glands on my neck. I feel my pants tigh...
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His Human Mate by KirstyRea
His Human Mateby KirstyRea
Millie is a normal girl, she's 19 and just moved away from her family. One day she decides to explore the forest behind her new house. She ends up getting lost and bumps...
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Hades by -MegLynn
Hadesby -MegLynn
The story of a dark boy falling in love with a pure girl.
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Twin's Prophecy by Black_Kat94
Twin's Prophecyby Black Kat
"Today, this world will behold, The fire and ice powers this twin will unfold. These girls have the powers of what you can't see, Is to destroy or create anything t...
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You're Mine by readerx7000
You're Mineby Annette
Clarista Dennett was born to be a feeder to vampires. Running, she ends up in Texas where Cayden Rocco is the Alpha of the Gray Wolf Pack. It's written that werewolves...
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Alpha by Waterbottlewasteland
Alphaby Bailee
Chloe Pierce was a kind girl who had it all; she was a senior in high school, she had amazing friends, and she was a star athlete. Not to mention the amazing parents Chl...
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STAY RIGHT HERE by NooreaynfarheenJamal
STAY RIGHT HEREby Nooreaynfarheen Jamal Ahmad
Timing - check . _"you are good Lune " . _ " yeah throw the disc" . _ " ok " . Shoot one time, two, three . _ " you want to ask him...
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Casey's Werewolf by EpicKim
Casey's Werewolfby Kim
After the loss of her grandfather, Casey has to learn who she is and how she fits into this strange new world of werewolves. How will she cope? will Hayden be there for...
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The Strange, Supernatural Spooktacular phenomenon's and Strange Facts by jhguppy123
The Strange, Supernatural Spooktac...by jhguppy123
This Started as a blog like post about what I know and believe if you would like to share with me I would love it because I will share all I know if there is something...
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Dead Letters  by samantsanika53
Dead Letters by samantsanika53
"She was trapped in prison built to protect her but she was no princess. She was a Queen, much happier in the world, slaying her demons and enemies with her bites a...
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There's Seven of Them (Reverse Harem!) by ValdezinatorPiePunk
There's Seven of Them (Reverse Har...by Valdez
Reverse Harem story😁 Raven Merch lives in a world where humans live peacefully with other supernatural beings. The concept of mates isn't uncommon but it is rare for hu...
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Wild Things by mysticfallsbxtch
Wild Thingsby Emily Winsett
She was the devil, and he was the light trying to penetrate the darkness inside her. matt donovan x oc
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