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Breeding Rights by lindseyowensbooks
Breeding Rightsby Lindsey Owens
The Nightshade Pack has been dwindling. Their lack of female wolves has led to a decline in babies being born with the gene. Needing new blood to filter in and to grow t...
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My Eyes On You {Got7}  by PhieMe
My Eyes On You {Got7} by Phie
La manada Verde tiene por líder a Im JaeBum, quien debido a las circunstancias de la vida ha creado una poco común y pequeña manada mixta. Si bien su Beta, Jackson, es u...
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A Pride of Werecats by Werecat
A Pride of Werecatsby Werecat
Werecats, unknown in the mortal world. And in the mythical world are met with laughs and questions about werewolves when mentioned. Truthfully they are an ancient power...
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A Lion's Mate by cheetozgirl
A Lion's Mateby dean's pie
#1 in werelions 28/08/2018 Leo, the prince of Africa wants revenge. He was named after his gods son, Leo the Champion. His family has been granted a gift for thei...
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My Mate's A Dragon Shifter (BoyxBoy) (On Hold) by Lykooo
My Mate's A Dragon Shifter (BoyxBo...by Lykooo
Jay is a human who will have to survive not only a supernatural high school but also a dragon for a mate.
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Deadly Gorgeous Beauty (Lionheart Queens) by SequenceD
Deadly Gorgeous Beauty (Lionheart...by SequenceD
Sonia is apparently one of the girls in her family, born after every thousand years with unique powers...a gift given to her family a long time ago by some special tribe...
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SHE-WOLF ⇥ DEREK HALE  by -voidshadowhunter
SHE-WOLF ⇥ DEREK HALE by Makayla Brooks
Starlet Nicole Lahey, Isaac's younger half-sister by two years, endures much worse than her older brother. Her stepfather may beat Isaac up and lock him in a freezer in...
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Teen Wolf. Season 6A. Liam Dunbar. Theo Raeken. (COMPLETED). by TheoRaeken5696
Teen Wolf. Season 6A. Liam Dunbar...by TheoRaeken5696
Three Months Pass Since Theo Was Dragged To Hell And They've Been Hard For Alex. Liam Officially Starts Dating Hayden And Alex's Father Leaves. Again. Just When Alex Sta...
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Ami by WRGoode
Amiby WRGoode
Wanting to belong to a species that wouldn't have her, Ami lived her days as simple as she could. Until a Pride Leader arrived and shook her from her place in the world...
The Alpha Heist by katerudolph
The Alpha Heistby Kate Rudolph
Stealing one gem? How hard could it be? From the moment Mel takes the assignment, she knows that it should be impossible. But for the supernatural world's foremost thief...
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The Fighter (Teen Wolf) by julialovestumblr
The Fighter (Teen Wolf)by J. M.
Willow Larsen is a German girl, who lost both of her parents and has to live with her family's long lasting friend Dr. Alan Deaton, but she has a twist that her friends...
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Running away with no where to go (boyxboyxboy?) by BloodWolf16
Running away with no where to go (...by DeeAnna
Max is a young werewolf. Jack is a young were-kitty. They find themselves Mated to each other but something is missing. In a high school for weres and there mates they h...
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Born Of The Sea (MERMAID/DEMI-GODD...by TheDarkProdigy
Saddled by overprotective brothers, a past full of questions, an inability to shift, increased aggression, an inexplicable affinity to water, a forbidden attraction in t...
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Lilly The First Tiger Sifter Ever by ilovelucky12
Lilly The First Tiger Sifter Everby Tasha
My name is Lilly I am a tiger sifter. I have five older protective brothers and my protective dad and mom. They are all werewolves. No one knows why I am a tiger but I...
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Adopted by thenotsocrazylunatic
Adoptedby Lunatic
ADOPT əˈdɒpt/ verb past tense: adopted; past participle: adopted 1. legally take (another's child) and bring it up as one's own. 2. choose to take up or follow (an idea...
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EGORItH: Book 1 by lordkai1234
EGORItH: Book 1by Musa Twabi
Villa is a city like any other in Africa, or atleast it is till a certain boy discovers it is not. One day, fate plays the tricks it always does and Wez comes face to fa...
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Right Now by tracy_makaylakc
Right Nowby trace
If he hadn't have saved my life when we were ten he wouldn't have made a big impression on me. He was short, lanky, sweater vest, glasses, the whole bit. But he's making...
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Prideful  by cheersmature
Prideful by cheersmature
Adriene left Africa to save a cub that isn't hers. She doesn't know about the other weres in the country, and she's having trouble keeping herself and this new were safe...
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Kidnapped...... Why Me? by monaghanrocks
Kidnapped...... Why Me?by justhavefun123423
Kalye Hansom is just your average day girl, then things go south. She is walking home from work around midnight when a big pair of burly hands grab her from behind! Bef...
Werecat Mythology by DarkPride
Werecat Mythologyby Sarah & Elektra
All things werecat Meow~
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