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A Werido's dirty jokes by rocketor
A Werido's dirty jokesby RD
You haven't heard dirty jokes like these!! A new Werido entry!The sequel will be up in a while!
100 Things To Not Do...EVER by queandean
100 Things To Not Do...EVERby Ghita
Never ever do these things! No matter how much you are being paid!
Кратки Страшни истории by valentinkk
Кратки Страшни историиby Valentin Kostadinov
Тук ще има кратки страшни истории. 📛 Може да ви побият тръпки 😲 #1 Horror ❤ 16.07.2017 . Много ви благодаря обичам вии 😭💖💖!
Aphmau The Marionette  by MikuRose5
Aphmau The Marionette by ILoveCoryAndHisCrew
Aphmau is starting to warm up to her job....maybe a little too much. She becomes the marionette and becomes friends with the animatronics?!? Find out what happens in the...
[Thomas & Friends] Steamy Love (Thomas X Lady) by fnafworld021
[Thomas & Friends] Steamy Love ( fnafworld021
This is a short story about Thomas's secret 'Crush' and he doesn't know how she will react when he tells her. (I wrote this cause I'm BORED.) (Copyright) I do not ow...
Not Everything Is As It Seems by BrooklynHats
Not Everything Is As It Seemsby Rose
Who knew the broken girl would fall for the tough guy.
kill (earl sweatshirt story) by thenjiiiwe
kill (earl sweatshirt story)by smilesss
mom always told me to stay away from strangers, i should have listened.
A Werido's To Do list for School! by rocketor
A Werido's To Do list for School!by RD
Things to do in school that are funny outrageous and cool.Subscribe to Rocketor Dare on facebook and youtube!
I Let My Mind Wander by AmethystAnonymous
I Let My Mind Wanderby Amethyst
The wandering mind is both a gift and a curse. To determine when it is which, is something not all of us can do. Just to let you know: This is not a book, a poem, a sho...
Stupidest questions by rocketor
Stupidest questionsby RD
The most ridiculous,hilarious and just plain stupid questions asked ever!A Weirdo entry!Vote comment and follow me for more awesome books!
Sandhir os 😘 ✓ by aloofghost
Sandhir os 😘 ✓by Aishwaryaa
Just a random os on Sandhir 😘😘😘
just found this at my drafts lol feel free to read if you feel interested !
Tale Of The Moon Sorceress (Fairy Tail X Naruto X Oc) Discontinued by pinky_pie0917
Tale Of The Moon Sorceress ( Mairachannn
Formerly known as Moon Sorceress In Konoha Just like the other stories that I made, it's just a waste of your time but I'm still writing it anyway. This book is unstable...
The Empire's Heart by Kallisya
The Empire's Heartby Kalli Nae
Yep I have no description for the moment ....
Sister Location by MikuRose5
Sister Locationby ILoveCoryAndHisCrew
Weird Stories of my Life  by bluehurricane13
Weird Stories of my Life by zoe.elizabethh14
In this book, I will be talking about weird random stories of my life.
CANCELED??))Freesmart and Rex the ABDL German Shepherd  by OwenCorgi321
CANCELED??))Freesmart and Rex Hendrix Puppy
Just a book that was W.I.P (work in progress) I decided to pick up on
Bianca's Book of Randomness and Weird Stories by FreckleyDemigod
Bianca's Book of Randomness and Bianca the Awesome
Where I will post all random things that I choose.
A Weirdo's Bio by rocketor
A Weirdo's Bioby RD
Basically my bio.Will WILL have jokes and crack moments .Brace yourself for ultimate Weirdo bio! Total randomness.Oh and become a Rockzer by adding it to y...
Art Trash by rocketor
Art Trashby RD
Sketches and random trash dump PS this is an art book where horrible drawings will be seen in the first half so skip to around the CHP "yeah yeah I live" or...