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Break Me Where Love Hurts  by InkPrincessMarcia
Break Me Where Love Hurts by InkPrincessMarcia
Corliss is a single mother to a out of control 15 year old Zamaya. Corliss has been unemployed for two when she gets a job at Intex. Zamaya is a out of control teenage...
Romance Contests by WattpadContests
Romance Contestsby Wattpad Contests | Ambassadors
Where you can find information about all the Romance contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.
Alpha King As My Escort(Slow Updates) by ZAaali
Alpha King As My Escort(Slow Updat...by ZAAAli
(Some chapters are private , you will have to follow me to see the chapters ) She woke up in the middle of the night in some unknown jungle.She could feel the soil under...
The Affectionate Player - Part2 by LisaGilpin
The Affectionate Player - Part2by Lisa Gilpin
WITH GRACIE IN CUSTODY and his son still missing Max faces his worst nightmare, a future without them. Will he ever see his child again? Will Gracie ever forgive his be...
No Love Found by GenieHams
No Love Foundby GenieHams
Back to my pack yet again. This time though, not as the pathetic little Arabelle but as Arielle. That Alpha has something else coming if he thinks I am going to leave hi...
Valentine's Day Contest by WattpadAfterDark
Valentine's Day Contestby AfterDark | Ambassadors
We are pleased to present you the second edition of the multilingual and multi-profile Valentine's Day 2019 Contest! If you are eternal lovers, if you're in love with L...
Eternal Love [ From the Soldier's Collection Series ]✅ by VICMAD
Eternal Love [ From the Soldier's...by VICMAD
As Laura enjoys her parent's Memorial Day picnic with family and friends, her husband, Oliver has other explicit plans. Scheduled to be deployed in a few hours, all he...
Fool For You (Completed) by Mint_Julep
Fool For You (Completed)by Heather Fujiwara
~WPAfterDark April Fool's contest winner (3rd)~ Kat doesn't believe that college is fun. She's still nursing her broken heart from the year before. Exactly a year back...
Tripping by OtsanaStories
Trippingby Otsana
One night a year the dead can come back and walk among the living. Are you able to see them?
Full Moon by Devgie
Full Moonby Hanna Gie
Ernest McClain is a fourteen year-old teenager with a miserable life. Ernest suffers from the intense bullying of his peers, conflicts coming to terms with his own ident...
Halftones Apart by jbmcgee
Halftones Apartby J.B. McGee
I started this over three years ago. It was inspired by a guy I saw on America's Got Talent who had overcome drug addiction. He had previously had a rough relationship w...
Painted by sleepingdraco
Paintedby Søvn Drake
One night two people connect through art. This erotic short story won 3rd place in Wattpad After Dark's Show Us Your Story Contest. February 28, 2020 Cover Credit: www...
Through The Void by MissJina
Through The Voidby MissJina
This short story was written for the "Hello My Dead Lover" contest. Two lovers. One dead, one living. When the meet again will they be able to let go?
Trials of Love Contest Entries by MissJina
Trials of Love Contest Entriesby MissJina
This book is for the Trials of Love contest
Dear L, by Tinajoanna
Dear L,by Tinangx
Say, can I burn our pictures? I hope it's okay. I mean, you have new ones it will be okay right? And you won't know anyway, it's not like you'll get angry with me like i...
On Hallow's Eve by TheSexyBrain
On Hallow's Eveby BVS
Three years ago Gabriela went to a Halloween Masquerade Ball and met and enticing stranger. One thing lead to another and they agreed to meet every year on the same nigh...