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The Runner (Part I of the Runner Series) by so1tgoes
The Runner (Part I of the Runner S...by Katie Baker
The world as we know it ended 209 years ago. From a desert wasteland springs a single kingdom, ruled by a tyrannical King and trapped in an endless war against the shad...
The War Girl (Mad Max: Fury Road fanfiction) by Blairkitten
The War Girl (Mad Max: Fury Road f...by Blair
-------------------- I was taken from my homeland as a child, then thrown into a life that I did not want. Somehow I found myself amongst the machines and war. Now I am...
Never Go Home by katkeenan
Never Go Homeby Kathleen H. Keenan
[Wattpad Picks: Editors' Choice] In a world ravaged by global warming, there is the Offering: A rite in which every eighteen-year-old woman in each village leaves their...
Dawn's Light by PsychicNature
Dawn's Lightby PsychicNature
Once, light graced the entire kingdom of Roahla, but now the land is shrouded in darkness. The land was cursed to be shunned by the sun, and the moon is left as the larg...
Highway To Hell (Mad Max Fanfiction) by RensLightsaber
Highway To Hell (Mad Max Fanfictio...by Hailey
This story is about four people who find each other in Gas Town and seem to recognize each other. After the Fury Road war Gas Town has been a big problem. Furiosa and Ma...
Jumper [Book One Of The Clara Conn Trilogy] *ON HOLD* by alexan629
Jumper [Book One Of The Clara Conn...by A.K Pinto
[N E E D S S E R I O U S E D I T I N G] ↓↓↓↓↓ I've never understood why the world finds a need for war even after our universe has crashed, even after our home has b...
Genesis 2.0 (Monster Apocalypse Survival) Sci-Fi/DarkFan/Horror by RealLDNash
Genesis 2.0 (Monster Apocalypse Su...by L. D. Nash
The End is the Beginning. Adapt and conquer, or die. Instead of fire, as predicted in Revelations, a lethal plague burns through earth's populace, devouring all but a fe...
Light, Glorious Light by LemuelMcMillan
Light, Glorious Lightby ⚔️ L. McMillan ⚔️
The world has been overrun by monsters. Governments have toppled, nations have fallen. Desperation has ushered in a new world order. Akiva is a scavenger for The Mothe...
The Infected Mind by Dragon_Named_Riles
The Infected Mindby Riles
[Book 1] Crawlers: once normal people like you or me. They had hobbies, families, friends, interests, but now they are feral monsters. The infection spread, wiping out a...
Wasteland | ✓ by __bisoux__
Wasteland | ✓by ⭒𝚉𝚘𝚞𝚊ï ⭒
Sixteen-year-old socially awkward Skye Palmer has lived and seen more than enough to realise that the people surrounding her are full of shit. Stuck in their own heads a...
bitter basil, (hozier) by strwbrygrl
bitter basil, (hozier)by booboo the fool
the way he said basil made me laugh. so i took him on a road trip across the country.
The Water Witcher by Van_Carley
The Water Witcherby Van Carley
🅢🅣🅐🅝🅓🅞🅤🅣🅢 🅒🅞🅝🅣🅔🅢🅣 🅣🅞🅟 ➋⓿ (Book 1 in the "Water" series) *undergoing edits offline* Corbin has been witching water since he was a young boy...
The Last Abrams by Who_mans
The Last Abramsby Wyvern
In a world of bathed by nuclear fire, Jackson Trox ventures throughout the wastes once known as America on a mission to rebuild the once-great country. Mysteries and rut...
Flame in your heart (Hancock x Reader) by neah_boo
Flame in your heart (Hancock x Rea...by neah_boo
(this story will contain Smut/lemons obviously) (This is another path of the danse x reader. This is if you never met danse and never got to virgil in time.) a girl name...
Beasts of Steel and Bone *WATTYS WINNER* by HarryPugger
Beasts of Steel and Bone *WATTYS W...by Sophie Weston
When skin and bone are stolen, darkness uses wings of flesh and lead. ******** B...
Wasteland For The Teenaged (Vic Fuentes Fanfiction) by dropdeadkc
Wasteland For The Teenaged (Vic Fu...by Kc
*Completed with finished sequel* Iris Rae Knight is many things to doctors, family members, and the students at school. She is extremely mentally ill but to Vic Fuent...
Last Hope by WolfLover010
Last Hopeby WolfLover010
Wars. Devastating right? They destroy everything in their way for 'victory', but does anyone really win? When the bombs, guns, and tanks ravage the land, not even leavin...
For Arizona     Wasteland 3 X Male Reader by TheoddSpaceMarine
For Arizona Wasteland 3 X Male...by TheoddSpaceMarine
(I don't own the Wasteland series or any of the art or fanart in this book)
The Tenno of the badlands  by jasafarion
The Tenno of the badlands by jasafarion
A person from another universe gets notified about a higher power that's stronger than the void. This power lurks inside of a planet if you would even call it that
Above the Sky, Below the Smoke by GRUMMMM
Above the Sky, Below the Smokeby GRUMMMM
Set on a dystopian future whereas overpopulation has greatly affected humanity to the point where only the high class are the only ones that are given privileged to soci...