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Try Me, Bitch |BnHA| |Reader Insert| by Red__Ruby
Try Me, Bitch |BnHA| |Reader Author Red
bad·ass /ˈbadˌas/ INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN noun noun: badass; plural noun: badasses; noun: bad-ass; plural noun: bad-asses 1. a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating per...
【my pikachu】  ᵏ. ᵈᵉⁿᵏⁱ by cocoakrispi
【my pikachu】 ᵏ. ᵈᵉⁿᵏⁱby 【pudding】
(y/n) a simple girl she sees memes she likes. ( This is my first fanfic no bullying allowed)
Spider-Son & Iron Dad one shots by Eccentric_Grace
Spider-Son & Iron Dad one shotsby grace
A whole bunch of funny, cute one shots for our favourite father-son duo in the MCU:)
Irondad & spiderson One shots {open} by shan_hamilfan
Irondad & spiderson One shots { shan_hamilfan
COVER AND CHARACTERS NOT MINE The title describes it all :) (you can request all you want) Also no Starker. I do not stan any of that. Starker can burn at the pits of he...
Wrong Number, Kid by ANGERY_SHREK_ATTACK
Wrong Number, Kidby Person
'Wrong Number Kid' but with Shuri instead of Tony. When Peter texts the wrong number, he never expected to get into this much trouble. Can he keep his secret safe? Will...
A Real Dad...// Irondad!♥️ by BlindBirdy
A Real Dad...// Irondad!♥️by BlindBirdy
Peter is Tony's biological son! Tony in his playboy years haves a one night stand with a random girl at a New Year party...Peter's mother is a bitch and gives birth to P...
Stuck in Hunter x Hunter? by Jcool21
Stuck in Hunter x Hunter?by anonymous
Getting stucked into your all favorite anime could be fun right?Fighting battles having cool anime powers and seeing your favorite characters in person.There's also anot...
This Isn't Ned (Wrong Number) by Sisdragneel
This Isn't Ned (Wrong Number)by Sisdragneel
Peter accidently texts Tony Stark.
IronStrange + Other Marvel Ships by colorfulpersonality
IronStrange + Other Marvel Shipsby Buttered Mondo
One shot book of avenger ships! ♡ I completely love IronStrange and decided to write some one shots ~ Enjoy!♡
IronDad and Spidyson One Shots Vol. 1 [UNDERGOING EDITING, REQUESTS ARE CLOSED] by SiederTreeStudios
IronDad and Spidyson One Shots Thisaccountisdead?
Hey! I'm SiederTreeStudios, and this book is basically me fangirling about our favorite Irondad and I love The MCU and love to write, so this appeared. -What this book W...
Colby Brock Imagines by Gomez_Ken02
Colby Brock Imaginesby K E N D R A
Colby Brock. The other 1/2 of Sam and Colby. The boy with big dreams and inspiration. ~ Imagines of this boy, giving love and hope to all the girls around the world. ~ ...
Deku and Company Watching The Dekuverse by Aghataleo
Deku and Company Watching The aghataskipy skipy
Class 1-a, pro-heroes, and villains have appeared in a mysterious theater. They are forced to stay and watch, the mutiverse, or more commonly known as the Dekuverse, by...
Galaxy- Shigadabi by dolphinplays11
Galaxy- Shigadabiby Amber...?
Touya Todoroki has been mistreated. So what happened when he decides to run away? Will he make new friends? Or will they be MORE than just friends? FOR OBVIOUS REASONS H...
Camp Queer | NCT + SKZ | Chanlix + Johnten etc by Goldenglare29
Camp Queer | NCT + SKZ | Chanlix #Chanlix
Sending kids to conversion therapy is fucking awful...send them to camp Queer, a gay camp instead where they can embrace their sexuality. A summer of pranks, Love and Fu...
So I'm a singer (singer Deku AU) by Im-so-dead
So I'm a singer (singer Deku AU)by Mika
When Midoriya was a kid he always loved to sing. So his mom, Inko decided to sign him up for a talent show that was coming up. Once he had finished the show he was offer...
Peter Parker and The Avengers by Maisa_Lahaj_1982
Peter Parker and The Avengersby Maisa
Just some oneshots and mini stories of our friendly neighbourhood spiderman and the Avengers. Clichés like field trips, Endgame AU's and Irondad fluff. Alot of original...
marvel avengers spiderman oneshots by justasadchild
marvel avengers spiderman oneshotsby justasadchild
just a bunch of one shots about pranks and the avengers. warning really cringe. requests open
The Amazing Life Of Peter Parker (Peter Parker Short Stories) by ISurvivedNYCNotSpace
The Amazing Life Of Peter Parker ( Ele
Short stories about Peter Parker because I can and why not? This also for the most part is kid friendly (no mature language and no mature themes such as r*pe and s*x). T...
The school with no more secrets // chanlix/minsung/Changjin/seungin by Goldenglare29
The school with no more #Chanlix
Sequel to: A school full of secrets They thought they escaped, that those who lost their lives did not die in vain... that was until the hunters came back. Half of the...
Incorrect Super League by sips_milk
Incorrect Super Leagueby Helicopter
The Super League at its finest. Mostly about Supa Strikas being the weirdest team but they'll be other teams like Iron Tank or Nakama being hobos as well. It's official...