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Internet Sensation - ADOPTED! by -cHAOTIcAT-
Internet Sensation - ADOPTED!by Ψ( `▽´ )Ψ
Damienette by -simplythebest-
Damienetteby louise eats farts
Hello! I'm not really good with descriptions so I'll just give you the basics... Lila succeeded in taking away all those Marinette held close to her. Her parents disowne...
"I'm no hero" (MHA x undertale AU) by SomethingIGuess2
"I'm no hero" (MHA x undertale AU)by SomethingIGuess2
(This is not part of the main multiverse) The reason why I thought of this was because fell sans' weapon look a lot more villain like then classic sans' weapons. In my...
The Bad Guys season 1: Our Own Story by Rally9933
The Bad Guys season 1: Our Own I.M. Rally
The Bad Guys continued on with their lives, encountering brand-new adventures, meeting new friends, and handling life-changing decisions. (slice-of-life story)
The Numbers on Our Arms by BrynLara94
The Numbers on Our Armsby Bryn
(Discontinued/ On hiatus with no guarantee of another chapter) John had always denied that the number on his arm was showing her because her soulmark couldn't show his...
Shadows by 123causewhynot
Shadowsby 123causewhynot
Shadows. Such a wonderful thing. They can make you feel as if you aren't lonely, even if you are. They can haunt you. They can blind you. They can hide you tracks, and...
     ADOPTED.      Code: Midoriya (Vigilante Izuku)  by urmentalillness
ADOPTED. Code: j ✌︎︎
ADOPTED 𝙰𝚍𝚘𝚙𝚝𝚎𝚍 Izuku Midoriya was born with a very powerful quirk. Along with his parents being rich, being popular even for someone who doesn't talk, and has...
Benchtrio's Amazing Guide to City Living | Ft. The Hermits & SBI by MurtoK
Benchtrio's Amazing Guide to Murto_K
Grian always bursts into their little, cozy attic right before things can go terribly wrong. Like that one time Ranboo had wanted to cook dinner. Tommy is pretty sure Gr...
A Glitch in Time by disaster_ace
A Glitch in Timeby --
Within a singular dimension there's a limitless number of timelines. How things could've gone. In one of these timelines, Pepper Potts & Tony Stark got together much soo...
Kuriko?  by QuinneRafael
Kuriko? by Ace of Spades ♠️
Saiki Kusuo is just a normal, antisocial, school going teen. Unless you count the fact that he has god-like amounts of psychic superpowers. That one fact ends up getting...
A vigilante who heals villains, I guess?  by Rebel6610
A vigilante who heals villains, Lixxie👑🎗️
Tommmy is a vigilante. He finds a villain, heals them and goes on with life as if nothing happened. Nothing could go wrong right?... Right? OR I got inspired by too many...
Gotham's Angel and Devil (Daminette)(Discontinued) by ms_writer_07
Gotham's Angel and Devil ( MaRiChAtSiMp
Marinette was a girl who only wanted a small family, and three kids, and a hamster and her friends. She had planned it all out. Marinette was a superhero whose name was...
A Fighters Chance by KU95240
A Fighters Chanceby 95240
Tommy's an underground illegal fighter, but he only does it for the cash. However when a position at the Hero HQ opens up he dives to catch it. Read as Tommy finds himse...
THE OUTLAW'S || Dekusquad by Maddy_HFX
THE OUTLAW'S || Dekusquadby Madelyn <3
After the Dekusquad is expelled for reckless behavior, they take a different path. Vigilantes. The former heroes-in-training are pulled from their lives of crime by the...
A Guide To Vigilante-ism By Tommyinnit, Part Two. (read desc) by magic_dirt
A Guide To Vigilante-ism By magic_dirt
Tomathy Danger Kraken Innit Beloved Underscore Minecraft, objectively the best vigilante around, attempts highschool. ////// Sequel to "A Guide to Vigilante-ism by...
Sleeping With Arrows by izzyxsivan
Sleeping With Arrowsby 🌹izzy🌹
Aurora Allen was an orphan, given up by her biological parents before she had even known what a family was. She remained in an orphanage until age eight, looking after t...
The Man Who Carried a Vigilante Leader's Child(SWD MakotoXKinshiro Mpreg Story) by Dragon_Descendant
The Man Who Carried a Vigilante Flare
Makoto and Kinshiro don't like each other. That's not hard to tell, but they're trying to hide something. They've been together in a relationship for a few years, and th...
Operation Hell Brothers: A Story From The Land Down Under by EvanRoberts7
Operation Hell Brothers: A Story Evan Roberts
This story is a crossover between the Olsen Twins movie "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "Kamen Rider Kabuto", also has elements from "Mission Impossib...
The Vigilantes and True Family(Shindeku) by fanfictionreadervek
The Vigilantes and True Family( fanfictionreadervek
Izuku Midoriya lives in a superpower society. Quirks are a must for a stable life and bright future. Quirkless people are shamed and treated like nothing. So Izuku wanti...
The Bad Guys: New Beginnings, New Normal by Rally9933
The Bad Guys: New Beginnings, I.M. Rally
A year after the events of the movie, the Bad Guys went back home to start a new life, but they felt so different when everyone in the city treated them like normal citi...