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Us Against the World by pressed_sock_gremlin
Us Against the Worldby Wil
Mcyt Superhero/Hybrid AU because they're awesome! Ranboo, Tommy and Tubbo have been taking care of themseles for a few years now, doing odd jobs during the day, and ille...
꧁Crying Like a Tall Child꧂ sbi hero/foster au by 676545ri
꧁Crying Like a Tall Child꧂ sbi nonbinarymistake
SBI found family meets super hero au Tommy is a vigilante that get adopted by SBI he has no idea they are heroes he finally feels like he has a home when it all goes to...
Icarus -- Vigilante!Tommy (SBI) by DnD_Player
Icarus -- Vigilante!Tommy (SBI)by Paladin of Couch Potatoes
The tale of Icarus, the son of the master craftsman Daedalus who flew too close to the sun. Whose wax wings melted. Who fell to his death. Tommy was like Icarus in one w...
Kid by Day, Hero by Night by RiverfernStar
Kid by Day, Hero by Nightby Zia
I don't have any good hooks for a description, sooo yeah. Just read it, I think you might like it. It's dsmp vigilante/superhero/villain au, what won't you like about it...
Tommyinnits vigilante cat rescue by Hazelthefanficqueen
Tommyinnits vigilante cat rescueby Hazel
Tommyinnit is a very pog vigilante who happens to often get chased by a very unpoggers hero Siren and also loves cats.
My biggest secret (Tommy Vigilante AU) (SBI focused) by BlueeFlower
My biggest secret (Tommy Bluee💙
Tommy his dad Phil, and brothers Wilbur and Techno are the top 3 heroes. All he ever wanted to become was a hero, just like them. But, there's this one problem that's st...
Vigilante Viridity (Vigilante Deku) (TodoDeku) by Dyno_Plushie
Vigilante Viridity (Vigilante Dyno
At a young age Izuku Midoriya was pushed to the side. His mother left. His father either is never there, working or abuses him. Even his old best friend Bakugou bullies...
tommy's standard life behind a coffee counter. by mmuraa
tommy's standard life behind a mmuraa
!LOWERCASE INTENDED FOR TITLE! inspired by The Eventful Life of Bystanderinnit on AO3. inspired by TommyInnit's clinic for supervillains on AO3. Check em out, they're re...
"If you don't stop, I'm gonna start stabbing sh!t." // A DSMP Fanfiction by ChipsRAmazing
"If you don't stop, I'm gonna ChipLikesChips 👑🎗
The Bench Trio, TommyInnit, Tubbo_, and Ranboo Beloved live in District 17, one of the poorer districts on the outskirts of L'Manburg, a major city in the large country...
when the moon rises by yhntre
when the moon risesby yhntre213
Izuku Midoriya was quirkless, he was beaten and shunned by society yet he still fought to get back up again. Izuku was striving to be something he wasn't, that is until...
I'll be my own hero. You'll see [On Hold] by bonnie-boi
I'll be my own hero. You'll see [ 𝓶 𝓪 𝓻 𝓲 𝓸
Izuku Midoriya is a well known vigilante. Well, he is actually a nerd that gets bullied all the time. Ghost or Phantom is a newly popular vigilante. Even though he isn'...
SBI oneshots by RoxieCiello
SBI oneshotsby RoxieCiello
these will be many different au's :) i'll always state the au, triggers, povs, and any other needed info at the start of the chapter
THESEUS.. | Vigilante Tommy AU! + Sbi by crittermachine
THESEUS.. | Vigilante Tommy AU! critter
'. Thesus well pronon Vigilante, well known for his crimes, as some kind of Vigilante justice. but not as the heroes see.. one darken night issue rose, wings faultering...
{Indefinite Hiatus} Oops, I did it again..! by Turphin7
{Indefinite Hiatus} Oops, I did Turphin7
"Crap!" whisper-yelled a certain greenette. He was currently running on the street for his life when fate decided to betray him in the worst possible scenario...
WingedInnit - the sequel to BigInnit by SpookiGlitch
WingedInnit - the sequel to SpookiGlitch
Tommy was great. He was the most popular hero, had great friends (and wives), and had the best family he could ask for. He even is secretly training a vigilante on the s...
Glitched feathers | Swapped Hero Sbi Au by Ran_Just_Ran
Glitched feathers | Swapped Hero Ran_Just_Ran
Tommy was just your average hero. Or was he? Tommy was an avian hybrid. The only one, the heros experimented on him for this specific reason, alot. To the point his wing...
Tommyinnit's agency for villains and vigilantes (TAFVAV) by LIGHT_NARCISSISM
Tommyinnit's agency for villains Caramel
In which Tommy impulsively buys an old agency to move into with his 'brothers', Tubbo and Ranboo, but ends up being the boss of the highest-ranking villains.
Haruki (Vigilante Deku) by Kindnutbars
Haruki (Vigilante Deku)by Kindnutbars
After fate seems to have it out for Izuku Midoriya he takes it in his own hands. Izuku, after being crushed by is idol and left alone to fend for himself bows to no man...
are we still brothers? by skrufi
are we still brothers?by yed
the vigilante red chaos fucks up one too many times and ends up kidnapped by the villain siren. wilburs little brother tommy just happens to go missing at the exact same...
Angels are doomed to fall by ImmaM1st8k06
Angels are doomed to fallby ImmaM1st8k 06
TommyInnit is a fallen Angel. He falls to an earth where people are powered. With the only knowledge of his pain being his past and having a vendetta against his ex-best...