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Masa Lalu. by huskybubble
Masa Lalu.by Kartika Kaif
Sebuah masa lalu dari penulis, masa lalu yang tidak bisa dilupakan hingga saat ini penulis sudah mau berumur 24 Tahun. masa lalu yang dibilang cukup aneh, akan tetapi ju...
The American Water Experiment  by AngryWatermelon69
The American Water Experiment by Angry Watermelon
In the year 1950, several American scientists from the University of Yale did an experiment where they had 6 participants drink only toxic waste for 2 full weeks while b...
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Facts you didn't know about. by Creepypasta_Fan1209
Facts you didn't know about.by Creepypasta_Fan1209
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The Dear Lady by Dapho11
The Dear Ladyby I’m not Smart just crazy
This is a small legend my cousin told me when I was younger that for a child can seem scary. Though it frightened me then I still have a weird feeling about this when i...
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Twisted Bounds by mxxxdy
Twisted Boundsby mxxxdy
After a slight fall, Yashiro is greeted by a handsome young boy that helps her. It was supposedly love at first sight ~
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Deadly Love by LoneDragonX
Deadly Loveby LoneDragonX
This is a Fanficton of 707 and Kuchisake Onna. 707 is a Gacha life you tuber and she makes videos of urban legends. My opinion is that she is the best! Watch her Urban L...
Japanese Urban Legend Mistress by LifeIsHard4U
Japanese Urban Legend Mistressby LifeIsHard4U
Ever wondered if there was a Master or Mistress of the Japanese Urban Legends? Well, this is my representation of them.
Creepy Pastas and Urban Legends by CelinaDP
Creepy Pastas and Urban Legendsby Celina Delgadillo Perez
If you get scared very easily, I don't recemend this to you 😂 These are scary stories find on the internet, and sometimes are original by me. I decided to do this so en...
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Feelings Can be Murder (YANDERE! Urban Legends x WRITER! reader) by _Kim_Haru_
Feelings Can be Murder (YANDERE! U...by Isabelle kathleen Hughes
Y/N L/N. An innocent girl just trying to live out her life as a horror writer. Her life was great she was dating a beautiful girl named, Delilah and her writing career w...
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Creepy Legends by UrEverydayBookworm
Creepy Legendsby Wai Yiu Tsang, Yoyo
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The Bald Men by kelclou
The Bald Menby kelclou
The bald men seem like any other men, until you notice. Kel might never have noticed if she hadn't dreamt about them as a child. Now they are everywhere. On the street...
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Book Full Of Scary Stuff by FlyingAvocado6
Book Full Of Scary Stuffby Flying Avocado
Scary stories, urban legends and other creepy stuff I don't own these stories, I just found them on the internet and problably edited them a little. Some are translate...
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The Occasus by blueish_oxygen
The Occasusby Wilhem Evans
As they sleep, they dream. as they dream, it takes. And the sun sets over the ruins of lives stolen.
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