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This was All a Huge Mistake-A BNHA Chatfic [DISCONTINUED] by Corgi_Zorgi
This was All a Huge Mistake-A BNHA...by My BNHA Story Got Popular But...
[Discontinued as of 6 Jan. 2021] This story is full of ships, so sorry if you don't like all of them. There is much gay. Ships: TodoDeku, Kiribaku, MomoJiro, ShouToko...
your normal (tsuchako transgender au) - (COMPLETED) by solo_17
your normal (tsuchako transgender...by solo
tsuyu asui, a fun loving girl. well, she was actually born male. but she's not male, shes a girl. she's always been made fun of for it, her parent is supportive and took...
Tododeku fluff 💖💕 by cheebcookie
Tododeku fluff 💖💕by Shu
‼️ considering finishing ‼️ I thought you would like a fluffy Tododeku fanfic List of ships to be found uwu: Tododeku (y'all read the title I assume) Kiribaku Uratsuyu ...
Tododeku Soulmate AU! by artisticUndertaker
Tododeku Soulmate AU!by A.U.
When you are 10 you get a mark on your opposing wrist ( if you left handed its on your right, if right handed then left hand, ambidextrous then it depends on which one y...
Bnha Oneshots by Earphone_Jackass
Bnha Oneshotsby Earphone.Jackass
Little adventures with Class 1-A! Ships contained (so far): Kiribaku, Kamisero, Tododeku, Momojiro, Uratsuyu, and Hagamina. NOTES: Unfinished | I try to publish at least...
Stuck between Realities by Elisedeluxe
Stuck between Realitiesby Elisedeluxe
Isaac Meadows was an ordinary English boy until a villain attack changed his life forever. Now living in Japan under the name Izuku Midoryia he is learning to become a h...
Bnha Oneshots Fluff 'n smut by bakuh0e_squad
Bnha Oneshots Fluff 'n smutby Maddie✌🏼❤️
Hiya! So I'm pretty sure the Title says everything but ill explain anyway. In this book I will write oneshots, I would prefer not to write smut but If someone requests I...
Warm embrace by ShallowPool666
Warm embraceby ShallowPool666
Just a cute little romance filled story between Tsuyu and Uraraka. This is probably gonna have even more ships here and there I highly doubt there will be any smut, but...
LA PAREJA MÁS NAVIDEÑA. by panditareader
LA PAREJA MÁS NAVIDEÑA.by panditareader
Un intercambio junto con un concurso entre parejas para la navidad en el curso de héroes de la UA, ¿qué puede salir mal? Ninguno de los personajes me pertenecen, son de...
Deeper than the sea. [BNHA ONESHOTS] by hashibira
Deeper than the sea. [BNHA ONESHOT...by Hashibira inosuke
[request: open] tsuyu x uraraka katsuki x izuku katsuki x Todoroki Denki x kirishima Kirishima x katsuki Todoroki x izuku uraraka x izuku uraraka x iida uraraka x bakug...
Inesperado [TsuChako|TodoDeku] - BnHA by Yuri801
Inesperado [TsuChako|TodoDeku] - B...by 🍓Yuriko🍓
«A Uraraka le gusta Midoriya» «A Midoriya le gusta Uraraka» «Es obvio que esos dos acabarán juntos» Eso era lo que pensaba toda, o casi toda, la clase 1A del Curso de Hé...
"I Think I Love You!" (Rewriting) by LIL_Rando123
"I Think I Love You!" (Rewriting)by LIL_Rando123
"I think i love you!" That was the last thing they expected to be told in their journey to become pro hero's. A bnha Multiship story
A Small Vacay  by sapphirepainter
A Small Vacay by sapphirepainter
Nggg............ so I'm not good at writing stories so I will just try. Anddddddddd awkward desc... So... Ignore that and just read the story 😅😅😅 WAYYYYY LOOOOONGGGG...
bnha Oneshots And Pictures  by closeted_bi-guy
bnha Oneshots And Pictures by no one important
☆requests open☆ basically what the title says there be pictures and if I have an idea a few oneshots but if i do use someone else's i will give credit requests are more...
truth or dare? by hi_ima_glowstick
truth or dare?by hayden mcdaniel
tenya lida invites all his friends to a house he rented over the weekend with a fun and lovely game of truth or dare the fun weekend they were all wanting went fully sou...
The gayest bakusquad chatfic™ by MysticalIsaiah
The gayest bakusquad chatfic™by Denki is best girl
THE BAKUSQUAD BEING GAY IS MY RELIGION everyone in the bakusquad p homo as seen here honestly i made this for my friend and i hope i doNT DISSAPOINT HER also ill make a...
A Single Flower by KitiBuronko
A Single Flowerby That_one_gay_friend
Meet Yuriaki Fukashi and Saitsuri Bokahai, UA transfer students. But one of them has a massive quirk, that might be a tad much... Book One In The Series Black Dagger
Welcome To Gaytown- Bnha Chatfic by Sarahtwdgpan
Welcome To Gaytown- Bnha Chatficby Twdg-Sarah
Midoriya kills M*neta and needs help hiding the body, unsure of what to do he creates a group chat with everyone in class 1-A (except M*neta for obvious reasons, Shinsou...
The Dekusquads Intragram  (^-^) by MizuSora1324
The Dekusquads Intragram (^-^)by Marigold
The Dekusquad made an account, because the bakusquad did one so why not them. enjoy.😊
How class 1A... by ghostofspirit-chan
How class 1A...by ghostofspirit-chan
Just a bunch of interconnected oneshots about our favorite hero class. Shinso replaces Mineta after chap 1. Pretty much the misadventures of class 1A, that would've been...