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Into the Deep by neverpoem
Into the Deepby A
Let this book submerge you with heartaches, drown you with traces of the past, flood you with self-wonders, wash you with waves of healing, immerse you with romance, an...
Before I Go by azriellus
Before I Goby Asriel
Crazy. Highest Rank Attained: #9 in Poems | January 2, 2019
non envoyé by shieYaf
non envoyéby Hiraya
Unsent letters, empty conversations, unrequited feelings, a part of my journal.
fifty unsent letters by teraCANread
fifty unsent lettersby tera caporella
Kennedy is in love. And by in love, I mean "in love." With a guy she's never even met. Yet for some reason he's caught her eye, and she has never felt this way...
Lost Poems Of A Broken Soul  by MmTt11
Lost Poems Of A Broken Soul by ❤️Lauv❤️
Compilation of short poems. "I wrote poems, it was lost and broken. they couldn't be found and or to be fix because of you." Achievements August 11 2020 : #4...
Unsent Messages by Adelaine
Unsent Messagesby Adelaine
There are some things we end up not sending.
Drafts by skate0402
Draftsby ash
a girl who writes about her feelings through email drafts
Written Constellations by hanzelwrites
Written Constellationsby Hanzel Writes
A constellation of prose, poetry, and verses spun together for a galaxy of love, life, heartache, and hope.
Letters In My Drawer [Completed] by skyblueflowers
Letters In My Drawer [Completed]by Allison Claire❀
To Callum letters that will never reach you. "Whatever way our stories end, I know you've rewritten mine." A story about what goes on in a girl's mind. highest...
Raconteur by pjz_nim
Raconteurby 👑pjz
Unsent letters, poems, thoughts & feelings to my bias Park Jimin. From: His forever fangirl, Pjz
Lover : A Book Of Heartbreaks by MmTt11
Lover : A Book Of Heartbreaksby ❤️Lauv❤️
Compilation of poems about pain, scars, goodbies and heartbreaks. (Free Verse Poetry) Achievements First Place (Poetry) on Mysterious Awards. (January 18 2020) "N...
dear you by -incarnadine
dear youby j.
unsent letters to a dear one. **inspired by ari, she is the author of dear blue**
my thots by storiesgoneuntold
my thotsby Ella
A collection of thoughts, rants, and letters that will never be sent.
✔️|UNSENT|Lee Daehwi by ChronoStrayKids
✔️|UNSENT|Lee Daehwiby STAY Forever
What he regretted most in his life: Unsent messages to Ahn Hyejin. ••••• Highest Rank: #7 - kakaotalk #3 - unsent
Unsent Letters to You by Sheetnix
Unsent Letters to Youby Sheetnix
But sometimes, words aren't enough to encapsulate what I want to tell you. But one thing's for sure, I'd take you in a heart beat. Read, vote and share. Some of the let...
931 Miles Apart, and Still Closer.. by feelings_naked
931 Miles Apart, and Still Closer..by Aditi
To the Guy I love, Infinity and beyond.. 👣 And if you ask me what's so Magical about him, I'd rather say it ain't the magic that comes from deep down .. It's the kind w...
The Unsent Letters (Completed) by heyembee
The Unsent Letters (Completed)by Berlyn Oh
Copyrighted © marinellaberlynstories, 2015 || A Letter of love, and feelings. The unsent letters.
{{ Dear You }} by _BrokenStrings_
{{ Dear You }}by .Illegalise.Elaichi.In.Biryan...
~ For all the times when I wanted to say but never could, now my words will form here what I wish you had understood ~ [you should known I'm not good with letting it o...
Unsent Text Messages by angeljackson130
Unsent Text Messagesby Angel Jackson
These Are Messages Unsent By One's Lover.