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Smoke And Steel by TheMockingjayReads
Smoke And Steelby Caelyn Haupini
"He is not perfect. He is not whole. But he is still beautiful, scars and all." *** Meet Ebony Smoke - just your average teenage girl who loves reading, danci...
Exotic by lily_bee
Exoticby Lily Bee
By day, Miles Stewart is your below-average high schooler. Flying under the radar by the seat of his pants, trying to get through each day without drawing too much atten...
New Beginning by curly_baby
New Beginningby sarah belle
She showed him a life he never thought he'd have.
Dramione One-shots by Slytherin_Life1018
Dramione One-shotsby Emily K
A series of Dramione one-shots. Requests are gladly accepted! Highest rankings: #7 in unlikely romance #2 in dramioneoneshots
X Marks the Spot {BakuDeku Fantasy Au} by xTeapotx
X Marks the Spot {BakuDeku Fantasy...by Bunny 🥵✨
Katsuki is an island native, a king, and Izuku's an explorer from England. When an outsider comes onto Katsuki's island, what exactly will he do? . . . [This story may h...
My New Home ✔️  by TVreviewer
My New Home ✔️ by !Teeny Bopper!
Carrie has spent the better part of her life in foster home to foster but now is adopted by a family of boys and most are happy to welcome her in there home but one isn'...
We Meet Again - Kylo Ren and Rey by MagicalElvenJediCat
We Meet Again - Kylo Ren and Reyby MagicalElvenJediCat
"You won't escape this time, not after my Knights are through with the old man, and you...are begging for mercy at the hands of my lightsaber." Rey is training...
♥︎Stranger Things Imagines♥︎ by Violet_Wonder
♥︎Stranger Things Imagines♥︎by ☠︎︎𝕍𝕚𝕠𝕝𝕖𝕥☠︎︎
Imagines and preferences of your favorite Stranger Things characters. Includes Will, Mike, Lucas, Dustin, Max, and El. {edit: Requests are OPEN!}
Guns For Hands <> Optimus Prime X Vehicon! Reader <> Discontinued  by WingedVigilante
Guns For Hands <> Optimus Prime X...by WingedVigilante
Wake up. Get out of berth. Stay on schedule. There's not much to do as a drone, besides act like the near-mindless soldier everyone thinks you all are, and fo...
The Reluctant Heiress by dellie0209
The Reluctant Heiressby Dellie
"I know nothing about you, you know nothing about me. Let us keep it that way, hm?" Secrets, romance and desire unfold... When Marilla Taylor discovers her bir...
Spies, Lies & Butterflies by erickakrystal
Spies, Lies & Butterfliesby erickakrystal
A nostalgic and reflective Agent Collins is both efficient and professional. She has been assigned to extract information from a high-profile criminal and all goes accor...
Unlikely Romance by katienewswanger
Unlikely Romanceby katienewswanger
When the Bikers and Surfers can't get along can Lexa bring them together? The chances are unlikely but maybe just maybe she can make it happen. Book 2 is being made righ...
A Buggy Program  by Wolfie_Jewels
A Buggy Program by J.D. Parker
Everyone is destined for one miracle in their life, what if Marinette's miracle was a dating game... Marinette was a junior. With a long year ahead of her, Marinette str...
Second Chance by ByRavenRayne
Second Chanceby Raven Rayne
Malakai Donati had no time for girlfriends, mistresses or love. He had picking up women down to an artform, sex was something that he had perfected and never allowing so...
Another day another Z by AlishaVasey
Another day another Zby Alisha Vasey
My name is Keira and it's been a year since the apocalypse and I've been locked in my highschool since it started, what a way for a cheerleader to spend her days. Well...
The Game by sugarxtrap
The Gameby sugarxtrap
Aaliyah only ever focused on one thing in life, basketball. She loves it. It kept her isolated and never gave her time for anything else. Tryouts are approaching and she...
In Common (Ichigo Kurosaki x Reader) by MiyukiDatOC
In Common (Ichigo Kurosaki x Reade...by Miyuki
You thought you were forever unloved. Sure, you had a family and friends and teachers who care about you, but you were craving for something more. You wanted to experien...
Unexpected by mapleleaf1
Unexpectedby mapleleaf1
***ON HIATUS UNTIL I WANNA GET BACK INTO THIS/COME UP WITH BETTER CONTENT*** Eastwood College Preparatory School may be the most prestigious high school in the country...
The Light You Brought To My Darkness  by Riverdalestories0
The Light You Brought To My Darkne...by MostlyRiverdaleStories
⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Just a warning but it may have some intense content, nothing like smut or something but touchy subjects Betty Cooper seems like the perfect girl but her life...
The Burning Man||Zuko x Reader by xxhope_and_halosxx
The Burning Man||Zuko x Readerby L E O N I T A
You are a citizen of the Fire Nation. However, your parents raised you very differently from other children. You were raised to value all life, even those of the other n...