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His Chosen by Viva-V
His Chosenby Viva-V
"Let go of me!" Kristen yelled, yanking her arm away from him. "This is what you wanted wasn't it?" Sam yelled back at her. She glared at him an...
A Very Special Hour by moniqueearg
A Very Special Hourby Monique Airish
Love for an hour? Is that possible? ••••• Ryn Ashley delos Reyes is a cheerful college girl who experience heartbreaks. But unlike the others, her last relationship ende...
"Haiku at Ikaw" [COMPLETED] by air-styper
"Haiku at Ikaw" [COMPLETED]by Ako Faithful
According to dictionary, Haikus are an epigrammatic verse form of three short lines (5-7-5 syllables) with 17 syllables. This is originated first in Japan. It is focused...
After 61 Days (Part I) by Atranquilwriter
After 61 Days (Part I)by ✍︎𝓘𝓶𝓶𝓪𝓱𝓾𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓮☕︎
Tadhana, Ano ba ang tadhana para sa iyo? Karapatdapat ba itong pagkatiwalaan? O sadyang tadhana lang? Para sa akin, ang tadhana ay nakatakda, ang tadhana ay nagmula pa...
Undestined Arrows (Batangas Series #2) (ON-HOLD) by sugoiizx
Undestined Arrows (Batangas Series...by W a r u i f r n d
Kkami met a guy at a park.Who get her attention real quick. As days pass they became close to each other. Until one day kkami fell inlove with him. But then,she found a...
Unfated Love by Assialea_the_Wizard
Unfated Loveby A S S I A L E A
I'm a human but no ordinary one...I have the power to do what I want, in just a snap...I'm no bad person, I always do smiling..I'm just my normal self...but then I alway...
Undestined by cassixdoll
Undestinedby Cassi S.
A boy who has never fallen in love, fell in love. A girl who has been broken all her life, hasn't healed. Mark and Monica. Monica and Mark. A boy and a girl from two dif...
Iris by alnmlbnn
Irisby Allen Malabanan
Some things are better left unsaid just to make things right, but too much feelings towards you can't be contained. Maybe I'll just write it and hide. - A one shot open...
Undestined by gwenicsters
Undestinedby GN BM
Erika Jane a.k.a EJ, is a big fan of the band called DOWNFIVE, the school's pride. She also have a big crush in one of the members names Xian. But when the band decided...
Undestined Writing Contest by OneStoryteller
Undestined Writing Contestby Emma
Is it your destiny to win? Rules for the Undestined Writing Contest. This is also where winners and honorable mentions will have their stories posted. Cover drawing of S...
Undestined by minimae__
Undestinedby Justine Mae Montilla
This story is all about to Ashley who wants a peaceful life but suddenly she meet Paolo who change her life. What will happen to Ashley's life? Ashley didn't know that...
Undestined by 3016Dreamer
Undestinedby WatchMeB4ImGone
(Better Cover + Better Description to come soon :P) One is a recently Graduated University Student and is now pursuing a career in Law. Her first and only employer is Mr...
The Undestined Story:Me And My Bad Boy by blueoceansky
The Undestined Story:Me And My Bad...by be_me_iannie
Paano kung ang buhay mo ay nagbago sa isang iglap lang,sa isang iglap nag bago ang lahat,mga kaibigan,mga panahon,pamilya,at buhay mo.....nagbago dahil nagmahal ka,nang...
Now We Light A Candle: Short Stories from Undestined by OneStoryteller
Now We Light A Candle: Short Stori...by Emma
Join Jarlen, Silay and Riya in the years before "Undestined" takes place as they celebrate the Winter Solstice in their own ways. These stories are designed to...
The Gate: Undestined Fan-Fic by Alexmgrove
The Gate: Undestined Fan-Ficby Alex
This is an entry into the fan-fic contest for Undestined by OneStoryteller. I imagined a situation post Undestined when the S'vaeli, after their plague is (presumably)...