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Inlove with Mr. Playboy by Xxjhdv
Inlove with Mr. Playboyby Janiah Jean
He love's to play girl's heart wala siyang pakialam kung may nasasaktan man siya ang alam niya lang ay ang lahat ng babae pare-pareho lang pareho lang na mangagamit. He...
Girl in the Blue Moon by LouJay27
Girl in the Blue Moonby JB Magbanua
It is fantasy mythology story that contain different genres which are comedy romance tragic..The story tells about that A one bad boy student spoiled person wishes in t...
Missing Soul: the immortal princess||BTS ff|| by RizyK_BANGTANstories
Missing Soul: the immortal MissRennzz
2039; I was 20 years old...when I last saw my idols...Bangtan... I was 20 years old...when I last talked to my, dad... I was 20 years old...when I last saw...
ONE LOVE STORY ❤️ TWO LIFETIMES❤️😍 (Completed)✔️ by anupre_love
Hey peeps!! This is a twisted love tale of ANUPRE ❤️ Beacuse sometimes one lifetime is not enough to complete our love story . . so to see all the twists and turns in...
The Truth About Her ~JenLisa (ON-GOING) by curiositydeluna
The Truth About Her ~JenLisa ( curiositydeluna
Jennie Elizabeth Sevilla lived her life knowing that she can get whatever she wants especially now that she's going to take over their company and all the wealth of the...
What a Coincidence by Ashlex34
What a Coincidenceby Ashella D.O.
She's just a normal girl from province... Napunta lamang sya sa Maynila dahil sa trabaho nya... Tama ba ang desisyon niyang pumuntang manila? Tama ba na mag trabaho sya...
 That Girl Is A Perfectionist  by blncsy3n0_o
That Girl Is A Perfectionist by hxppyclwns
Dapat ko bang isuko ang aking mga pangarap para sa pag-ibig o dapat ko bang isuko ang pag-ibig sa aking mga pangarap? Book 1 of DOL Series Started: June 15, 2020 Ended:
You&Me by phranceszqua143
You&Meby phranceszqua143
Paano kung ang isang mandirigma na nagmula sa nakalipas na 100 taon ay mapapadpad sa kasalukuyang siglo. Ano kaya ang kapalarang nag hihintay para sa kanya???
Two Strings Attached by palakolll
Two Strings Attachedby shulalu
Deither Villin is a well-known campus bully. Lagi siyang laman ng Disciplinary Office that even his family cannot handle. While Chantal Castro is the baddass one, mess w...
when blood spills //|{[<Larry Stylinson vampire AU by whatyoudontsee2413
when blood spills //|{[<Larry whatyoudontsee2413
So this will have some Twilight shit~~~~~~ €Vampire~Louis€ £Human~Harry£ ¥Werewof~Liam~ and Niall¥ √Harry s best friend~ Zayn√ The rest of the people you will find out i...
Twisted,Tangled,Tortuous! by Startdust-Sprinkler
Twisted,Tangled,Tortuous!by kittykatkat227
Texting Shawn Mendes by wickettywack
Texting Shawn Mendesby one gross mistake
Maybe this will be the night that we kiss, for the first time, or that just me and my, imagination...? ***** Shawn couldn't believe it. He'd never met a girl like her. S...
Sofia's Twin by tippydo
Sofia's Twinby LeyJel Dormiendo
Kambal na pinaglayo ng tadhana.. At pag tatagpuing muli.. Ano ang magiging parte nila sa isat isa.. ... Another story from me saka na ako mag aupdate dun sa isa kasi wal...
 Mystery of Tangled Lives by Nammu_Abhiya
Mystery of Tangled Livesby Nammu1406
Hola everyone. The name is Namrata but I prefer Nammu. I'm a huge 'Abhiya' fan or you can say 'Pyaar kii yeh ek Kahaani' fan and this is their story by me and my 1st wri...
Poems of a troubled teen  by heavenleedays
Poems of a troubled teen by Words I drown in
This is a collection of all of the poems I have written so far. My poems encompass a broken heart, privilege, racism, and young love.
You Can't Love Me-h.s. by x_ikindawrite_x
You Can't Love Fxck Hemmings
"Why can't I drive?" "Because Harry, you are mentally insane." "No I am not." "Yes. You are." "No, I am not." "The...
Better than the Best  [On-hold] by Jubyaaa-san
Better than the Best  [On-hold]by ジュビャア
As what humans said "Actions speak louder than words." But what if The Man of your Dreams use words to show affection, but he's not that guy who shows it by a...
torture by KyraLacey
tortureby Kyra Lacey
cinnamon was 5 when everything started. she finds friends but she feels like they don't understand enough... then she comes across people who undestand and starts fallin...
The Avenger by spideybae11
The Avengerby Savannah ^_^
Lyla Dawson is a girl whose eyes are opened to the cruelties of love early into her adolescence. Kent Patton is all she's ever known and is, no doubt, her comfort guy...