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I Hate Everyone But You (Bigby x Male Reader) by m3ntaIIyunstabI3
I Hate Everyone But You (Bigby x m3ntaIIyunstabI3
You're a new inhabitant in Fabletown, you are pretty unsure about this place but those feelings go away until you met someone you never had before.
STAY ALIVE ► [ TVD ✘ Teen Wolf ] by bansheesune
STAY ALIVE ► [ TVD ✘ Teen Wolf ]by d r e a m e r.
❝I'm a survivor.❞ AU #3
The Wolf's Assistant by BigTiddyMothGf
The Wolf's Assistantby Sophia
Nox. Nox is the name of the new girl in fabletown. She is usually only out at night, wandering the streets and getting some drinks. She's not a mundy, yet she's not a fa...
Amnesia // (Bigby x Reader) by tbhcindy
Amnesia // (Bigby x Reader)by 👽🌸✌🏼️
All your memories are gone and you can't even recall how you made it to Fable town. It was all a big blur but Bigby made it his duty to help you out through this rough p...
The Little Wolf by Dibo_980
The Little Wolfby Dibo_980
When Marek Wolf have to go live with her estranged brother Bigby Wolf also known as The Big Bad Wolf, an go to a new school and make friends will this be a challenge for...
The Wolf's Assistant (Alternate Ending) by BigTiddyMothGf
The Wolf's Assistant (Alternate Sophia
Maybe Nox and Bigby deserve a happy ending after all...
LOST KIDS GET MONEY ─ Plot Shop.  by qiweed
LOST KIDS GET MONEY ─ Plot Shop. by 𝐤𝐢𝐧𝐠.
money gets lost when you don't chase it! or in which I give you plots! (plot shop)
Symbiotic by Carnageking
Symbioticby venom
Takes place In the same universe as young justice hellspawn. Eddie Brock is a private investigator, on a case handed to him by a woman by the name of Lilith. But when he...
The Wolf Among Us: Finch (Genderbent) by L0nelyrose
The Wolf Among Us: Finch ( L0nelyrose
This is the story we all know from telltale except some charaters are gender bent. This is my first story so please be gentle
Gone (TWAU) by madambigballz
Gone (TWAU)by "gentlemen don't succ cone"
Strange things have been happening in Fabletown as of late. Fables have been mysteriously going missing one by one and it's up to Bigby Wolf to find out who's behind thi...
The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x reader) by Emily_Michaelis_432
The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x Emily_Michaelis_432
Once upon a time in New York City, there lived a community of fairy tale characters known as Fabletown. The Fables who live there arrived hundreds of years ago, after th...
The Wolf Among Us: Season Two by neverhappyeverafter_
The Wolf Among Us: Season Twoby neverhappyeverafter_
Basically I wrote season two of TWAU if it was a book. Here's that to expect: Rose Red (snows sister), Prince Charming, even more emotions, even more sexual tension, and...
Avatar Stilinski-Book 1: Wolves by JoeyTribby58
Avatar Stilinski-Book 1: Wolvesby JosephJG
83 years ago, Avatar Korra made her mark on the world. She went through difficult challenges physical and mentally. She became a great successor for Avatar Aang but like...
Emotional Night by blueberry0503
Emotional Nightby Skrtberry
Snow and Bigby need to talk about some things, but when Bigby gets there will Snow breakdown about something? Will Bigby comfort her? SnowxBigby
The Wolf Among Us (FANFICTION) by Liyah-P
The Wolf Among Us (FANFICTION)by Liyah❤️
Celestia is a fable.She hates being a Fable her twin brother and sister were ever so lucky that didn't become fables. Or so she thought. Her "mother" and fath...
(bigbyxbloodymary) Wolf among us by happy_monster
(bigbyxbloodymary) Wolf among usby Rafe's hAIRRR
Hello people!!!!!! This is just a bloodymaryxbigby story imma do. Read if u wanna find out what happens!
Gifts for a Special Girl by blueberry0503
Gifts for a Special Girlby Skrtberry
It's Snows Birthday and Bigby wants to make it special for her. A one shot story based on TWAU
Snigby by TwauSnowBigby
Snigbyby TwauSnowBigby
Well this is my first ever fanfiction I hope you guys like it :) Btw this is my favourite ship ever❤️ I ship others of course but Snigby is my all time favourite❤️ Enj...
The sheriff's helper by AmiTheWolf
The sheriff's helperby Clementine
Set in the wolf among us era) Clementinea twelve almost thirteen year old girl, lives in the slums of new york city in an old run down crappy apartment working day to d...
The Portal Though The Universe by twdg_clemmyclue_
The Portal Though The Universeby twdg_clemmyclue_
Ok so this is supposed to be a fun story that my friend and me have been writing for the past year. The characters are: Twd Lee and Clem, TLOU Joel and Ellie, B2s Jodie...
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