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FNAF2 I'm Still A Security Guard ( Sequal ) by FreeFlyer68
FNAF2 I'm Still A Security Guard ( FreeFlyer68
Y/n left the pizzeria after the incident with The Purple Guy. No one knows where she went except for Alex. Mike doesn't know where she is and the animatronics were suppo...
Five Nights At Freddy's Oneshots by JusttttJoy
Five Nights At Freddy's Oneshotsby JusttttJoy
Feel free to give any constructive criticism in the comments on any story. I appreciate it.
◈We LOVE You◈ |Yandere!Human!Fnaf x Reader| by SeirinSakamaki
◈We LOVE You◈ |Yandere!Human! ★Hello!★
◈~~~~~~~~~~❀~~~~~~~~~◈ Somehow a shy girl named (Y/N) managed to win over there hearts of animatronics. For some it wouldn't be so bad but for her it was her nightmare...
Fonnie by FredilinaTurnVenus
Fonnieby Freddle
Bonnie lives with his abusive boyfriend Ace. At home its bad, but at school its worse. He's all alone, no friends, and so much enemies. Just worst one is a boy named Fox...
Don't leave me by sunflowerstalkr
Don't leave meby Zoedark101
(Foxy x reader) ~This is my first x reader and fanfic~ (Y/n) gets a job starting as a waitress, helping everyone's favorite four animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeri...
FNAF 7 Minutes in Heaven by FreeFlyer68
FNAF 7 Minutes in Heavenby FreeFlyer68
It was just a regular night with Mike and Jeremy patrolling the pizzeria when someone *Cough* Puppet and Goldie *Cough* decided to grab you three to play 7 Minutes in H...
Chemical Imbalance {Teacher Freddy Fazbear x Bullied Reader} #Wattys2015 (COMPLETE) by LeonaBot
Chemical Imbalance {Teacher Lulu O's
You absolutely hated the fact that you moved to Dabryn, Louisiana. You hated the rain, how cold it was, and the kids there all knew each other, making you the black shee...
The fnaf Yaoi/Yuri book 1 by TheRealCuddlyFox
The fnaf Yaoi/Yuri book 1by CuddlyFox
So this I'm gonna make oneshots about fnaf but mostly yaoi and yuri ships look if you don't like it then please GO AWAY!!!!! people who wants to read it enjoy. :)
Fnaf 2 x Blind Child Reader: A robotic family? by FnafKidStories
Fnaf 2 x Blind Child Reader: A FnafKidStories
Why did your mother leave you at the pizzeria? Do the animatronics care? Will they take you in and raise you as one of their own? How did you end up with them in the fir...
S. Cawthon High (FNAF) by Ashe_Fox38
S. Cawthon High (FNAF)by Ashe
Fnaf characters are human and in high school. Can they survive through senior year? Will relationships form? will rivalries end? will hatred ensue? You'll just have to r...
J e r k  | Toy Bonnie X Reader  by RooTheInvader
J e r k | Toy Bonnie X Reader by 𝑅𝑜𝑜 (ㅇㅅㅇ❀)
-P a u s e d (Y/N) was flipping through the paper one day looking for a job. She recently got fired from her old job, she then saw a add for a job that grabbed her atte...
Human Fnaf 2 x Reader by beyblade_mizuki
Human Fnaf 2 x Readerby Mizuki Hamasaki
The sequel to Human Fnaf x Reader! This book introduces new human animatronics to fall in love with! Like Toy Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, Mangle, Ballon Boy, and the...
Falling For You Sequel to Falling For Foxy by Foxalicious
Falling For You Sequel to Foxy's First Mate
This is the sequel to my first book Falling For Foxy. Technically the third book in the series. You may want to read Falling For Foxy to better understand this book.
Harry's Strings (Being Rewritten) by Allure_Crimson
Harry's Strings (Being Rewritten)by Allure_Crimson
At the age of five, Harry Potter disappeared. The police searched for weeks but found nothing. They eventually declared him dead. On what would've been his eleventh birt...
FNaF Incorrect Quotes II by NightlyWolfy
FNaF Incorrect Quotes IIby ๖ۣNightly❧
FNaF back at it again :D
Fnaf lemons (Human) by FnafManiac1987
Fnaf lemons (Human)by FnafManiac1987
A whole bunch of fnaf lemons, oh great... The usual pairs, like fronnie, Foxica, Fangle, all those... and others of course. Gay and lesbian allowed. I will take request...
Foxy x Reader                          You're Mine Lass. by FaithBrine
Foxy x FaithBrine
The title explains it all. But if it doesn't this is a FoxyxReader book. Hope you like it.
FNAF X Reader lemons by Natureclub123tree
FNAF X Reader lemonsby INFINITYNINJA 24
Lol I tried to do lemons and I'm absolutely open to requests And for the sake of the lemons I will do (Lesbians) as well ok not to be affensive the only time I wont do o...
I couldn't help but fall for you~! (FONNIE) by Dilara352
I couldn't help but fall for Dilara352
⚠️ TW ⚠️ This book involves, Cutting Depression Abusive boyfriend Rape Also everybody is human/anime but they still have animal ears and tails. And please don't judge...
"Yandere Love" Yandere Fnaf X Animatronic Reader by Lunamoonmindnight
"Yandere Love" Yandere Fnaf X Izabel Pineda
You were the New animatronic for Freddy's fazbaer Pizzeria. What happens when the Other animatronics take a likeing to Will you choose?