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Sorry Stranger! by ATAJauregui
Sorry Stranger!by ATA
A story in which Camila gets a fake number, but the right person. Camila and Lauren slowly fall for each other, all while their friends argue about food in their group c...
The Bad Girl by Whatitdofifthharmony
The Bad Girlby Whatitdofifthharmony
Struggling with life- parents putting her out, having no friends -Normani took off a job becoming a stripper and after that her whole aurora changed, see how...
The Triple Threat by Whatitdofifthharmony
The Triple Threatby Whatitdofifthharmony
Around campus, you do not mess these kids... -The badass (Lauren Jauregui) Apart of the biker gang, would die for 4 people, actually smart to solve any case. -The jock (...
Female Celebrity Imagines |    (Girl x Girl) by OT5Stan4Life
Female Celebrity Imagines | ( OT5Stan4Life
*Requests are momentarily closed* A bunch of small stories between a female reader and female celebrities (singers, actresses, models, sports players, and tv, movie, and...
Imagines by ArisSweetener
Imaginesby Oh-Damn-Whelp
Camila, Ariana, Vanessa, Lauren, and whoever the fuck else I want. Mostly gonna be G!P, but who knows. Might throw a plain old gxg in there. Why not start another proje...
Listen To Me. (Camila/You)  by PalacePlease
Listen To Me. (Camila/You) by PalacePlease
Camila is married to the one and only Shawn Mendes. They have been together for the past six years and they have a beautiful 4 almost 5 year old daughter, Calliana. And...
Paper Hearts ▪ Lams by goddessofqueers
Paper Hearts ▪ Lamsby becky💜
[completed] it's like a goddamn tragedy because he looks at him like he put the stars in the sky and he looks at him like he's the only thing that matters b...
Instagram / 5H×CC by Jerrie012804
Instagram / 5H×CCby Jerrie
The girls are best friends that follow each other on Instagram.
Life Style by Whatitdofifthharmony
Life Styleby Whatitdofifthharmony
Two bands were form and the world was going crazy. One member of one band decided to collab with the another member of the other band, what will happen...
Sleep Tight (Fifth Harmony Fanfic) by Super_Twizzler
Sleep Tight (Fifth Harmony Fanfic)by Super_Twizzler
G!P Fifth harmony G!P Zendaya G!P Tori Kelly G!P Alycia Debnam-Carey G!P Lucy Vives G!P Ruby Rose G!P Camila Cabello G!P Demi Lovato
For You by Whatitdofifthharmony
For Youby Whatitdofifthharmony
At the age of 13, Normani gave birth to quadruplets. Later she revealed to Dinah that she had to move away breaking Dinah's heart. 3 years later....
Mixed Emotions  by Badbitch_Normani
Mixed Emotions by Badbitch_Normani
Rebels/Jocks Dinah Hansen - Always in the principles office, plays for the football team, has many secret talents, hard to trust people, bestfriends are Tori, and Lauren...
Hear Me Out by PalacePlease
Hear Me Outby PalacePlease
Sequel to Listen To Me. Now that Camila has returned from Paradise, will things work out with her and Tawny? Will Camila try to get Y/n back or will she just leave her...
Trials and Tribulations (You/5H/Demi/Kehlani) by LovaticalSQFanatic
Trials and Tribulations (You/5H/ LovaticalSQFanatic
After her recent breakup, Y/N comes across 6 girls that are in the clutches of darkness and despair. Can she save them? Read to find out
I Was Made For Loving You (Alycia/You) by ln_lj5765
I Was Made For Loving You ( ln_lj5765
Parents will do anything to keep their child happy and alive. And by anything, I meant they will genetically create a human being from scratch just to keep their child h...
Up Against The Wall by BN_AR_XCII
Up Against The Wallby BN_AR_XCII
Growing up, Lauren was well aware that nobody wanted to adopt an older kid. She planned to stick out the next five years and age out of the foster system. Dinah and Norm...
Fooled me once  by tumblrjauregui
Fooled me once by :)
You never know what could happen. WARMING: G¡P Lauren
Famous Love by Passion2003
Famous Loveby Billie's Bae😉😏
I saw her. I can't believe that I actually saw her. She is my role model, life line, person that I've always wanted to see. I became famous and now I'm here with the bea...
Seven Sinners by Whatitdofifthharmony
Seven Sinnersby Whatitdofifthharmony
Born in Hell, the 7 chosen sinners are placed on Earth to experience what life is like for the demons and Satan...
The Life (Lauren/You) by stories_5H
The Life (Lauren/You)by .
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