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🖤Stockholm 🖤Syndrome🖤 ((Being Rewritten!!!!!)) by Dimitri_Thorwell
🖤Stockholm 🖤Syndrome🖤 ((Being TordTom love child!
WARNING!!!!!!!!!! This story contains SENSITIVE CONCEPTS, Such as Suicidal Thoughts/Actions, Vulgar Language, Kidnapping, Violence, Torture, and Abuse. YOU HAVE BEEN WAR...
❥ tordtom oneshots《 by loserhoney
❥ tordtom oneshots《by ❝ hons / oliver ❞
just a bunch of oneshots i made for fun of my all time favorite op, tomtord/tordtom. consists of fluff, angst, and smut. requests are open! enjoy! cover image drawn by m...
★ - tordtom smutshots by loserhoney
★ - tordtom smutshotsby ❝ hons / oliver ❞
sup horny fucks! /j this is,, well, its as the title goes. tordtom smutshots, for all you sinners. ★ a few things to note before reading: - this is a NSFW/smut book bank...
"Does the new kid talk?" by saltiestsardine
"Does the new kid talk?"by (:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅[̲̅:♡:]̲̅:̲̅:̲̅:̲̅)
(CREDIT TO THE ARTIST!! They dress this for me a while ago and and I still absolutely adore it. They made this fan art when I had my old account, before it was banned. S...
Hunter Tord x Centaur Tom (TordTom) by Kipbennet
Hunter Tord x Centaur Tom (TordTom)by KIPP
Tom lives a calm and peaceful life in a beutiful forest...Well that is until the best hunter of the North East; Tord and Tom meet face to face....What will happen of...
My Pet ♥︎ by -moonz
My Pet ♥︎by 𝓜𝓸𝓸𝓷
The boys are looking for a new pet! So, they head to the local pet store and decide to look around. Nothing quite interests them, until Tord discovers a small silver cag...
My Love [TordTom Future au] by TiredLasagna
My Love [TordTom Future au]by Garfield 2.0
♡Tordtom♡Oneshots!♡2.0 by StayASDFSafe
♡Tordtom♡Oneshots!♡2.0by goodgrillhalo
Read the title dumb noob!1! Also i don't plan editing this, so deal with it. Finished.
EDDSWORLD SHIPS SIN AND SMUT! ((mostly tomtord)) by trashpandatom
this is a sin and smut book! I will do fluff if asked! suggestions are open I do almost anything! mostly this will be tomtord or tordtom, I like doing bottom Tom but ca...
Eddsworld! Tord x Reader (Lemon!) by ShipsAndSinsAndShit
Eddsworld! Tord x Reader (Lemon!)by Yes❤️
ok so basically🥺👉🏼👈🏼 Tord is PACKING and we ALL know it now heres some lemons for u sour hoes🥰💅🏼 REKEKEKEKEK
TomTord Oneshots [OnGoing] by YaoiIzLifeu
TomTord Oneshots [OnGoing]by _ B L U E _
[BOTTOM TOM!!!] thats all, ENJOOOYYYY Warning ⚠ : I keep killing Tom in these OneShots cuz I'm a sucker for angst forgive me :') Wattpad changed my category from short s...
TomTord  or TordTom :P by sweetsyd2004
TomTord or TordTom :Pby sweetsyd2004
this is just a tomtord but tom is small and tord is tall (AKA, ONLY bottom tom and top tord bacause thats just how life is). so don't come at me. this is going to be fun...
The Future is a Disaster //DISCONTINUED// by Gay_Addict
The Future is a Disaster // Your Mother
A year after The End, The Red Leader rules the world. Tom, Edd, and Matt are all wanted for treason and are being tracked down. Tom somehow is captured by Tord and is th...
The help i dont deserve (tomtord HS au)) by trashpandatom
The help i dont deserve (tomtord trashpandatom
a tomtord story that me and my friend made full of angst and cuteness WARNING: contains smut, abuse, self harm, bullying, and male pregnancy
Believe by DemiGboss
Believeby DGBoss
New Account! Here is the place where I will write new chapters. White/ Black/ Grey/ ****** AU *Any mature scene will have a warning* Tom is the new servant to the Holy b...
Kalopia - [TordTom] | discontinued by viipolaar
Kalopia - [TordTom] | discontinuedby viipolaar
don't read its actually really fucknig bad I cant believe I added random shit onto this book, those 1k people stayed and read those random updates (thank you) bye thank...
tomtord/tordtom by Foxy_the_proxy
tomtord/tordtomby Foxy scarlett
Hello this story is gonna be about tomtord/tordtom if you don't already know, Tord is gonna be the top/dominant one but in the one they will hate each other first than m...
/°Bot-Tom One-Shots°\ (English) by TomIsACinnamonRoll
/°Bot-Tom One-Shots°\ (English)by ♥MakiRoll♥
Not gonna make EddTom sorry Only Bottom Tom, I am not gonna put Tom as a top
The World Of Madness by Burntsconesandtea
The World Of Madnessby Burntsconesandtea
Thomas Pandora is a fifteen year old omega going into an all too familiar world with all too familiar people. set in the Victorian era.
dumb TordTom story by viipolaar
dumb TordTom storyby viipolaar
Vampire AU. Tom is a vampire. Tord is a human. Humans despise vampires, but what about Tord?