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Close To You (Adommy) by Beautifully_Depress
Close To You (Adommy)by Aleeeeeee
Life when you're young is amazing! You get to live it the way you want to and no one tells you what to do. When you think of a happy life like that, you think nothing go...
Outlaws Of Love (Adommy Love Story) by Glitterbaby2016
Outlaws Of Love (Adommy Love Story)by Beautiful Addiction
Tommy Joe Ratliff has been made fun of his whole life. People calling him a faggot, fruit loop, and a bunch of other offensive names. Upon entering his second semester o...
There He Goes... ~Adommy~ (Boyxboy) by glamalien
There He Goes... ~Adommy~ (Boyxboy)by PrincessofDarkness
The Fever kisses are just for entertainment purposes, at least that's what Tommy believed. But could that change? Will they ever have a relationship that will work out...
Started With An Audition by AdommyLoveXxXx
Started With An Auditionby AdommyLoveXxXx
When Adam holds auditions for a new bass player for his upcoming tour did he expect his life to change as much as it did thanks to a pretty kitty called Tommy Joe. Warn...
FAST AND GENTLE~ (Adommy version of FNF)~ by NickyNebel
FAST AND GENTLE~ (Adommy version NickyNebel
Thomas Joseph Ratliff is a policeman.He has a sister and brother.He lost his dad and mom.He is so busy from his job,and he doesn't have the time to live a normal life an...
Always there for you by taehyungsgirl_ok
Always there for youby Vanessa G.
After Tommy's girlfriend Liz broke up with him, Tommy is devastated and life makes no sense to him anymore. His boss and best friend Adam tries to comfort him. Soon, Tom...
Silver Lining  by CelticGlambert1216
Silver Lining by Kallie RHS
Adam and Nix are finally back together, living in New York City, happy and engaged to be married. For the most part, it seems their troubled, rocky past is behind them...
Adommy by dankjimin
Adommyby dankjimin
You may think Adommy isn't real, well guess what it's real!
Cuckoo (Sequel to Outlaws Of Love) by Glitterbaby2016
Cuckoo (Sequel to Outlaws Of Love)by Beautiful Addiction
For the Stage *unedited* by smolderhalderx
For the Stage *unedited*by smolderhalderx
The tour is over and Tommy is living with Adam. They have always been close but what happens when they fall for each other and one of them can't take it? What's happens...
Wasted || Adam Lambert (BoyxBoy) by adamlambertees
Wasted || Adam Lambert (BoyxBoy)by A
Adam Lambert is an inspirational singer who brings light and happiness to his dedicated fans. Although he may seem like a successful man, he faces his fair share of bat...
All Around Me by AdiraPhoenixLambert
All Around Meby Lotus
Adam is thirty years old, he lives a normal, everyday life in L.A., except for these weird dreams he keeps having. He keeps dreaming about a blond. He can't figure out i...
Underneath (Adommy) by Adommy4life
Underneath (Adommy)by Wolfy & Sparrow
What will happen when Adam Lambert takes a break from touring, recording, performing, and writing songs? Will he be able to keep the secret he was trying so hard to keep...
If I Had You (Adommy Love Story) by Adommy4life
If I Had You (Adommy Love Story)by Wolfy & Sparrow
Tommy Joe Ratliff has been working for the famous, international pop sensation Adam Lambert for years. He realizes that after he realizes that he has fallen for Adam. W...
my smexy bio cx by X-Pretty-Kitty
my smexy bio cxby Tommy Joe Ratliff
yeah i'm the real deal the one and the only Tommy Joe Ratliff so please don't leave hateful comments if you love me for me then you will know i'm the real deal thank you...
Nights Are Getting Colder by Sinful_kiddo
Nights Are Getting Colderby 🌹
It's been a while since Tommy and Adam made any contact with each other. Tommy decides to get a grip of himself, but as an accident happens, he ends up to Adam's house...
Take Back by Glitterbaby2016
Take Backby Beautiful Addiction
READ OUTLAWS OF LOVE AND THE SECOND BOOK CUCKOO BEFORE READING THIS ONE!! -thank you :) First they were outlaws of love, then they went cuckoo when they were separated...
I Found Love With Tommy Joe Ratliff by GlambertGirl1394
I Found Love With Tommy Joe Ratliffby Adommy/Spoby Girl
My character (using my name) gets tickets with her Glambert best friend to see Adam Lambert LIVE on the Glamnation Tour and also get backstage passes to meet Adam and hi...
A Loaded Smile by CutMeDeep
A Loaded Smileby Meaghan Morris
Tommy Joe Ratliff's dream is a reality, he plays bass guitar for the one and only Adam Lambert, he get's to travel all around the world spending weeks in luxurious hotel...