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Perspective (Loki x Reader) by LVE_32
Perspective (Loki x Reader)by LVE32
Loki has just returned from destroying the ether with his brother, Thor, his bravery and sacrifice earning him a full pardon from his father Odin. However, little has ch...
Finding Forever (Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction) by atracyxo
Finding Forever (Tom Hiddleston Ashley
"Its not a matter of finding the person you were meant to be with, but a matter of waiting to find each other." After breaking up with her boyfriend of seven y...
Lost God [Loki X Reader] by redink17
Lost God [Loki X Reader]by Red
There will always be an untold story, a story behind everything. A reason why or how things came to what they are. But is it possible that we can forget about it, contin...
Imagines : TOM HIDDLESTON #Wattys2015 by villainousladyloki
Imagines : TOM HIDDLESTON villainousladyloki
Imagine ... if you were to meet Tom. Put yourself in the story in my short imagines with Tom Hiddleston! (Warning!: Contains Happy/Sad stories, so prepare for the fe...
CEO // t.h by writingbabyy
CEO // t.hby writingbabyy
Tom Hiddleston is the very wealthy CEO of Hiddleston Towers. Not only is Tom famous for his business but he is also one of the richest and most desired men, he knows wha...
Loki Imagines by KayleighLaufeyson
Loki Imaginesby KayLaufeyson
Imagine what it is like to be Loki's queen. Imagine the love Loki gives you. Imagine... This is my first book, tips are welcome. Everything happens in the order of the v...
Butterflies (A Tom Hiddleston fan fiction) by laceandbutterfly
Butterflies (A Tom Hiddleston laceandbutterfly
Most people have pre-wedding jitters. When the free-spirited Julia decides to settle down with the man she loves, her world is turned upside-down by one Tom Hiddleston...
Unspoken Feelings [Tom Hiddleston X Reader] by redink17
Unspoken Feelings [Tom Red
How long can you keep a secret? Running away will never be the answer. You know that you will never forget him. Forgetting someone you love is never easy, so you run awa...
Unexpected (Tom Hiddleston Fanfiction) by atracyxo
Unexpected (Tom Hiddleston Ashley
After losing her sister in a car accident, 25 year old Jessica Blackwell is broken, lost, and guarded. One man may the the only person to change all that. After meeting...
You've Only Just Arrived (a Tom Hiddleston fan fiction) by lettalady
You've Only Just Arrived (a Tom LettaLady
You are a hardworking young actor that catches a big break, resulting in you attending your first big awards show. Among the famous faces you see that night: Tom Hiddles...
The Debut // Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction by NatalieA13
The Debut // Tom Hiddleston Fan NatalieA
Tom Hiddleston is travelling to New York for his debut on Broadway in Betrayal when he sees her for the first time. Sat alone in the airport looking sad. As he begins hi...
Loki/Tom Hiddleston x Reader by LokiTheFox
Loki/Tom Hiddleston x Readerby River
A book of Tom Hiddleston x Readers and Loki x Readers
Just A Kiss Goodnight (Wattpad Featured) by imnotrevealingmyname
Just A Kiss Goodnight (Wattpad Uh huh
"I thought you hated me..." "And I thought you told me it was just a kiss goodnight." **** Stella and Tom are made for each other. Or so it seemed. U...
Unexpected by AddictedToHiddleston
Unexpectedby The Trickster Goddess
Melody's life was going just how she'd planned. She got into RADA, graduated and now her acting career is working out the way she wanted it to. All thanks to her friends...
Not His Girlfriend : Part Two (Tom Hiddleston Fanfic) by Gumnaam_Ladki
Not His Girlfriend : Part Two ( Sigyn Laufeyson
Things end. People change. And you know what? Life goes on. This is a sequel to Not His Girlfriend (Tom Hiddleston X OC) if you've not read that one then I'll suggest yo...
Living With Tom Hiddleston (Book: 1) by HailTheFreakShow
Living With Tom Hiddleston ( AA
You audition for the movie ‘War Horse’ and travel to the United Kingdom alone with no money or a place to stay. Tom Hiddleston is also in the movie and you two meet eac...
Love, William [Tom Hiddleston] by myrtlethemurderer101
Love, William [Tom Hiddleston]by 𝚓𝚊𝚣 ༄ ゚。.☆
Libby's life has been completely ruined and turned upside down after her ex-boyfriend left her when he found out she was pregnant with his baby. Now six months along and...
Haunted Dreams [Thomas Sharpe X Reader] by redink17
Haunted Dreams [Thomas Sharpe X Red
Do you believe in ghost stories? Do you believe that someone is capable to love after death? Is it a Nightmare or a Beautiful Dream? Will you choose LIFE or DEATH? You a...