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jack is back by sophsdicaprio
jack is backby Soph
Rose continues to live her life after she board off the titanic, just what she promised jack, but is slowly forgetting him. But then a familiar figure shows up out of th...
Safe With Me  by loveandlust_6
Safe With Me by loveandlust_6
16 year old Mildred Cook is to arrive in New York to visit her mother. She will be traveling first class on the grandest ship in the world; Titanic. She is traveling wit...
whipstorm and flurryheart askblog (This Is Now Cancelled) by stormy2280
whipstorm and flurryheart askblog...by Crystal clear the unicorn
When the ponytanic sets, sail 2 ponies will be answering questions and doing dares ,but will an iceberg ruin there trip? we'll find out on the two ponies adventure! now...
Glacius by lumos_and_nox
Glaciusby ✧ ೃ༄*ੈ✩
"Salazar himself could not sink this ship even if he tried. Its luxury is something we would be expecting, I assure you." ~ Draco Malfoy knew everything would...
After The Dark  by xoxoff2
After The Dark by xoxoff2
After the Titanic sinks, Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater both survive and meet again on the rescue ship, Carpathia. Everything seems great, until Roses past reappear...