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Aot lemon lime!👌🏼 by JuicyJuiceBoxOfBoxes
Aot lemon lime!👌🏼by JuicyJuiceBoxOfBoxes
Some lemons and limes for all y'all!👏🏼
Sticky Situation. [ #GRAVITY FALLS ] by seulgies
Sticky Situation. [ #GRAVITY A
Riley Walsh wants to quit her day job. In fact, she will! After this summer, of course, because with the Pines twins getting themselves into trouble every single day and...
Wakfu truth or dare! by FIGHTWITHLOGIC
Wakfu truth or dare!by FIGHTWITHLOGIC
a new figure has appeared and greeted the brotherhood with his shocking abilities, and news that they are...doing a truth or dare? the Eliatrope god is playing truth or...
Osomatsu-san One-shots by Lemonade_Tea
Osomatsu-san One-shotsby •Emerald•
Sorry bout this book's existence. I write stuff. Nuff said ᕕ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ
Thumbs up    ( creepypasta )  by Tillieheidenreich
Thumbs up ( creepypasta ) by Tillieheidenreich
This was an old creepypasta that didn't get much attention so I wanna bring it back anyway this is the story of ean/thumbs up
Gay Pick Up Lines by UchihA_naruzumaki__
Gay Pick Up Linesby yo
Sorry if it offends you i made u new friend and she asked " me to do this
THE EXPLORER :Atlantis of the Sands by AlexZimucha
THE EXPLORER :Atlantis of the Sandsby Alex Zimucha
Many explorers had lived on our Planet Earth they have discovered various places but this story is about how Danny Norton tries to discover Atlantis of the Sands(A city...
Tagged? {Bruh} by Jimajination
Tagged? {Bruh}by ✨사랑✨
"This is a bunch of baloney." Okay, wanna know more personal info about me? Go right ahead, read this book! So you'll even k n o w what my shoe size is. Oka...
Too Busy Sinning™ by Slam_I_Am
Too Busy Sinning™by I Am Slam
Remember when we tried to rob a bank? Yeah? Remember when we tried to rob a bank and then the Winchesters showed up? ...Yeah. (This is a terribly old example of my writi...
The Teenage Dirtbags by -absent-
The Teenage Dirtbagsby -absent-
•••5SOS FANFIC••• ☆!Inspired by tumblr!☆ Living with 5 Seconds Of Summer is probably every girls dream. But when Carolyn has to do exactly that, it's more of a nightmare...
Promote your Book here (IN COMMENTS) - FREE by RetardWolf
Promote your Book here (IN Retard Wolf
If you think you're not having enough views, likes and comments on your books here is the best place to get some of this awesome things, from real persons, for free. Ple...
You by aflanigan
Youby aflanigan
It's hard saying goodbye at least for this female. Her best friend who is her boyfriend is leaving for a new adventure. She has to cope with life without him and reminis...
Writing Prompts For All of You to Use! by Out-of-Body
Writing Prompts For All of You The Caffeinated Cats
Sorry, put the cover on last minute. Anyway, here's some writing prompts for y'all to use! Don't forget to give credit where credit's due!~*
The English guide for Naughty Boy - Pentagon. BOLD = YOU CHANT IT. Stream Thumbs Up! On Melon, Spotify, Youtube etc!!
The Impracticality (Impractical Jokers) by ImpracticalWriter
The Impracticality (Impractical Meg
Brian (Q), Sal, Joe and Murr are the four bachelors of Staten Island, otherwise known as the Staten Island Idiots or The Impractical Jokers. Four best friends, one wife...
Thumbs up by Its_Ya_Boi_Chilly
Thumbs upby Its_Ya_Boi_Chilly
'X' is a killer fuelled by hate, who murders young children and posts their cut off thumbs to family and friends; Detective Jodie Marsh, a Rookie from Sydney Australia...