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Heartless  by preachoseok
Heartless by Hobigalore
First thriller story? AMBW
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Cities in the Sky by TomTeller
Cities in the Skyby Thomas X. Teller
Cities in the Sky is currently undergoing editing for publication. If you would like updates on the publication process, please see the "Book Two Updates" sect...
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reverie [jshk reader-insert]  by cosmiictea
reverie [jshk reader-insert] by ext
[jibaku shounen hanako-kun | toilet bound hanako-kun; reader-insert | semi-canon divergent] --- "It's a pleasure to be at your service." Direct bloodline of...
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maine kudhuko dediya tujhuko  by AmbiAmbika
maine kudhuko dediya tujhuko by Ambi Ambika
this story starts after mudhikay rasam in dd OK guys... I think u all are missing Drikshit Romance that's why I'm writing it
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The Nightmare Begins by Kthomas325
The Nightmare Beginsby Kat Thomas
Two friends have to find out what happened in the shadows to one of their sisters. In the process they have to figure out what they will do when it is over as well. The...
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Athanasius Finch: Private Dick | ONC 2020 by Sam_le_fou
Athanasius Finch: Private Dick | Sam Camp
Beatrix Cagliostro, a starving Doctor in Letters, is hired as a Ghostwriter by Athanasius Finch, an eccentric and megalomaniac P.I, and together they will solve the bigg...
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gone girl  by uncrownedbillie
gone girl by chrissy
"billie eilish's long time best friend and girlfriend, marley frazier, has gone missing. the o'connell family is currently opening their phone lines to anyone who h...
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Kill Him Not | KookV by peachyu_
Kill Him Not | KookVby Yunna Loves Jimin 💕
The unexpected love story of the serial killer and the gentle boy. None of them expected anything from the other until their love deepens. - Blood chilling category - ...
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My Bestfriend's Brother (The Return of the Past) by LoneAuthoress
My Bestfriend's Brother (The Jessica Jackson
"I didn't kill her Percy," he laughed,putting the gun back in his pocket. Percy gave him his famous 'I'm-sassy-and-I-know-it' smile and said,"I know man...
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Murder she wrote by cenomvientdetrepris
Murder she wroteby frenglish_
JJ goes on a dating service where matching is based on people's search history. He's a serial killer. He ends up matching with a writer. A cute romance with a goofy rel...
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ERIS | ONC 2020 by KrystalM
ERIS | ONC 2020by Krystal Munroe
Cain Ito-Sallow has always known that as the next descendant of Hell, he would be meeting with the demon tied to his family tree when he turns twenty. Unlike the rest of...
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In Case We Die by greysons_girl
In Case We Dieby Ally Knight
When troubled teen Sawyer is shipped to the German countryside by her workaholic father to spend the summer with her cousins, her biggest concern is finding cell service...
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[Vi] [AU] [OngNiel] The world we live in by Yue_Hargreaves
[Vi] [AU] [OngNiel] The world we Yue Hargreaves
Tác giả: Yue Hargreaves Thể loại: hiện đại, horror, trinh thám, sủng thụ, ngược tâm Couple: Kang Daniel x Ong SeongWu Giới thiệu: Câu chuyện về thầy trừ tà nổi tiếng, On...
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Soul Harvester (#OpenNovellaContest2020) by SallyMason1
Soul Harvester ( Sal
Seventeen-year old Jacey Marques is a soul harvester. She travels to other dimensions to hunt down the alternate souls of those recently deceased in her own world with t...
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Saint Vals: Love & Loss by mystery
Saint Vals: Love & Lossby Mystery and Thriller
We are pleased to present to you the third edition of the multilingual and multi-profile Valentine's Day 2020 Contest! Join us in this fantastic adventure! This year we...
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Sweven by literallynoone69
Swevenby Trash
(N.) a vision seen in sleep; a dream "We are going to be high schoolers now boys, I think we can think things through" "Chris I literally watched you eat...
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Alternative | Open Novella Contest 2020✔ by LittleVee
Alternative | Open Novella Vee Lozada
How far would you go to be remembered? - - - Do you wish you could dance? See the Grand Canyon? What if you could experience those fleeting moments, as though they were...
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ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴᴀ • ʏᴏᴏɴᴍɪɴ by TAESTYHOSEOK
ᴘᴇʀꜱᴏɴᴀ • ʏᴏᴏɴᴍɪɴby 𝒔𝒆𝒐𝒌𝒋𝒊𝒏 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒉𝒐𝒔�...
fbi agent, park jimin, is given the task to find his living nightmare who goes by the name of 'suga'.
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The Writers Block || ONC 2020 by TeraVera
The Writers Block || ONC 2020by Tera🌼
When the devil surprises Zelle Starr for the second time in her life, he proposes a deal in order for her to reclaim her soul, something she sold him years ago. She is t...
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𝘿𝙚𝙫𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 || yandere x reader by Alesiduex
𝘿𝙚𝙫𝙤𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 || yandere x ALEXANDRIA
[yandere!knight x princess!reader x prince] His duty to her was solely based on titles and obligations, but his deepening affections towards her were not. Class division...
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