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THE SNOW QUEEN CAT by SandraElenaDermarkBu
THE SNOW QUEEN CATby Sandra Elena Dermark Bufi
When Mistoffelees disappears one winter night, everyone assumes he has fallen into the Thames. Not Victoria. She undertakes a dangerous journey from the bohemian Soho to...
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Once upon a December | KMS by vividlydreaming
Once upon a December | KMSby ☽𝓿𝓲𝓿𝓲𝓭☽
#02 When Minseok's heart of ice gets melted by the winter herself. ~~~ Short story by theCatypillar #ExoTales #thesnowqueen
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Process Code: Binary 16 by strawberryichigo15
Process Code: Binary 16by Tragedy Collins
All Pinlock's father wants is to breathe emotion into his android child with the help of a legendary chip called the rune-chip. A mix of forgotten magic and technology...
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the snow  queen 3 fire x ice by lonelyrosemary
the snow queen 3 fire x iceby lonelyrosemary
i didn't like the ending of the ice queen 3 fire and ice so i decided to rewrite the ending i hope you like it
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The Snow Queen: Jelsa *Third Book to Frozen Love* by MissLightningThief
The Snow Queen: Jelsa *Third MissLightningThief
(SEQUEL TO SPIRITS OF WINTER: JELSA) Elsa and Jack had expected the madness to end after Lady Pitchiner. They'd expected all of it to end: the constant glancing over the...
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Burn: A Frozen Fanfiction by Rockytop767
Burn: A Frozen Fanfictionby Rockytop767
After summer is returned to Arendelle Anna and Elsa are back to being close friends. That is until Elsa goes missing. Elsa has been kidnapped by Darcy, a woman who has p...
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The Snow Queen by the-reject
The Snow Queenby kim
The poison apple was just the start of her reign.
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The Snow Queen by winterlytales
The Snow Queenby ❄️ The Snow Queen ❄️
"The Snow Queen" (Danish: Snedronningen) is an original fairy tale written by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. The tale was first published 21 December 1...
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Love Turned Cold by PuertoRicanBelle
Love Turned Coldby PuertoRicanBelle
Her daughter is becoming queen, and a former enemy has become part of her family. After the sudden loss of her husband, Elsa can't cope with the loss and runs away to av...
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Cold as Snow (TWISTED TALES #2) by AndrewMeier
Cold as Snow (TWISTED TALES #2)by A.D. Meier
This TWISTED TALE is a retelling loosely based off of the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale called THE SNOW QUEEN, which is what the highly popular movie Frozen is ba...
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What We Did Wrong by multiab
What We Did Wrongby gen
"We will limit her contact with people, and keep her powers hidden from everyone." "I'm never going back, the past is in the past." Dear Elsa, It's...
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Like Little Children by AustinASchulz
Like Little Childrenby Austin A Schulz
Being a chronic introvert, a staunch traditionalist, and a child at heart, Stanley Young never seemed to mesh well with people his age. Whenever he looked into a mirror...
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Black Ice Will Thaw by spitfiresinspace
Black Ice Will Thawby emily
Every winter must thaw...
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Snowbound Land by OMailstories
Snowbound Landby Otherworldly Mail
This is where it all began.
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The Darkness Lives by Mocking14Jay14
The Darkness Livesby MockingJay14
Raven Night, she had a long year she distorted Pan. Killed the Wicked Witch and the Snow Queen. One day she's sitting out on nice day. All is good and well or so she tho...
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Twins of Snow and Sun by StarRoseColors
Twins of Snow and Sunby Star Rose Colors
The kingdom of Selle has been peaceful with good rulers and the twins Rapunzel and Clarissa as their princesses. Rapunzel is blessed with a beautiful voice and the gift...
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Winter's Queen by HPloverforever
Winter's Queenby Emma Malfoy :)
What do you do when everything you love has been taken from you? Before she ruled a land of eternal ice.. Before she used her magic to freeze the hearts of all her enemi...
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bedtime stories for all ☆ bts by TAEsthetiCHIMCHIM
bedtime stories for all ☆ btsby mochimchim。
three enchanting stories in a wonderful collection will take you to magical worlds. explore wonderland and soar to lands of ice and snow with a nutcracker and a snow que...
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