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The Six Thatchers  (Sherlock x Reader) by LayceJ25
The Six Thatchers (Sherlock x RJ
As Sherlock waits to see Moriarty's next move, he takes on the case of finding someone who is going around and smashing six unique head statues of Margaret Thatcher.
How Dare You by StarkidLuna
How Dare Youby Crystal
spoilers Molly forced to say that to Sherlock broke her so naturally she had something to say. (Felt like this was needed )
Recovery  by guiniverekimber
Recovery by guiniverekimber
When Sherlock discovers John dying of a gunshot wound, he panics. John has just re-entered his life and Sherlock can't lose him again. John doesn't know what to f...
beyond the gravestones (sherlock/johnlock fanfic) by snowflake3799
beyond the gravestones (sherlock/ snowflake3799
All John Watson and Sherlock Holmes wanted was a flatmate. But they ended up with so much more... As John and Sherlock try to deal with their inner conflicts and the...