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Emilia Losa // A Mayan MC Fan Fiction by Cherry-Vanilla
Emilia Losa // A Mayan MC Fan Formally MercedesBenzos
Emilia Losa is the eldest child of Bishop, when she was a kid, he drilled into her that she would have no choice but to go to college after high school. Bishop knew in h...
Kabanata II: Marcus (Completed) by jillotine
Kabanata II: Marcus (Completed)by The Catalyst
Will a lonely artist change the fickle heart of an heir?
Bump (Short Story) *Completed by jillotine
Bump (Short Story) *Completedby The Catalyst
A musician and an unsociable doctor discovered that a painful "bump" encounter could also produce something else.
Again (One-Shot) *Completed by jillotine
Again (One-Shot) *Completedby The Catalyst
Second chances definitely run in the Reyes Family. A one shot story that transcends through teenager hood until adulthood.
Knight (Short Story) by jillotine
Knight (Short Story)by The Catalyst
Sometimes the princess should do the protecting
Kabanata III: Andrew (Completed) by jillotine
Kabanata III: Andrew (Completed)by The Catalyst
Before you learn to save somebody's life, you have to first learn how to save your own...