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Corrupted » Doctor Who [discontinued] by -kingsalvatore
Corrupted » Doctor Who [ bitchy bray
{Eleventh Doctor FanFiction} » in which a girl's world is corrupted by a raggedy man « started » 01/01/2017 finished » N/A « !¡SLOW UPDATES¡! »
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A Split in the Universe | Doctor Who Story by Smileycat1
A Split in the Universe | Doctor Rollin Jay
Something goes wrong with the TARDIS causing a split within the TARDIS, sending the members into an alternate reality of sorts. The Doctor is the only one who recalls wh...
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12 Days of Christmas by cosmicpond
12 Days of Christmasby cosmicpond
12 fics , various ships from various fandoms! Just a couple of Christmas themed one shots that I wanted to write! Enjoy :) Pairings include: Matt Smith x Karen Gillan (...
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Tawdry Quirk Shop [Doctor Who] by Destiny-Celeste
Tawdry Quirk Shop [Doctor Who]by AwkwardMusician
A loved one, once lost, shall be found again Along with a foe And of course, a friend. Tears will be shed Hearts broken and bent. But all will b...
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Multi-Fandom Imagines by Fandom_Lover456
Multi-Fandom Imaginesby Meg
The fandoms I have so far: Doctor Who, The Phantom of the Opera, Sherlock, Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, and one for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I hope to incl...
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Together Or Not At All:The Test Of Time by NataleeTutor
Together Or Not At All:The Test natalee
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Superwholock! by PerformingArts394
Superwholock!by PerformingArts394
Superwholock crossover!:) teenage Dean and Sam have travelled all the way to England on a case with John. They are settling in at a new school with new people. Meanwhil...
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Double Trouble {A Doctor Who Fanfiction} by Roselees
Double Trouble {A Doctor Who Roselees
The day that River Song was born had always been a bit of a haze for her parents, Amy barely remembering the details. In fact, not only hazy, but the memories were muddl...
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The Doctor's Fever by rubydog93
The Doctor's Feverby Ruby
The Doctor has a bad fever. A Bieber Fever. Sequel to Karoke Madness
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Together Or Not At All, Remember? by missyandthedoctor
Together Or Not At All, Remember?by ThoscheiWho
This takes place after "The Angels Take Manhattan." The Ponds are taken back to the 1930s and run into one of the Doctor's old friends, Captain Jack Harkness...
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Headcannon Accepted: The Ponds by The_Awkward_Timelord
Headcannon Accepted: The Pondsby The Awkward Timelord
Here we follow The Ponds and the Doctor in short funny stories about what happens when they're not being chased by monsters. The Ponds, now happily living in Leadworth...
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Scar | River & the Doctor by LisaEPotterFF
Scar | River & the Doctorby Very Imaginative Person (VIP)
The only thing left of him: a polaroid photograph. River spends her time joyously with her friends at CAL, reminiscing the old times.
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A Lifetime in a story - Whouffle by Claraandthedoctor
A Lifetime in a story - Whouffleby Meg
A LONG whouffle story where clara and the doctor have to over come many obstacles such as illness and new characters arrive and there's a blast from the past as an old c...
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Reversed Regeneration by Thefanbase_continnum
Reversed Regenerationby Thefanbase_continnum
The TARDIS decides to take the Doctor to Cardiff so she can refuel. Refusing to let the Doctor back in, until she has finished re-charging. With the Doctor, Amy, Rory an...
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Doctor Who Chatroom by Doctor_Fangurrl
Doctor Who Chatroomby Doctor_Fangurrl
A funny chatroom with doctor who characters
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Alone by GreyEditor
Aloneby GreyEditor
After the Ponds, the Doctor is left alone for a thousand years. A thousand years that did not go well. **Heavy angst one-shot based on DW Canon.
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Meet the Ponds by thesingingwho
Meet the Pondsby thesingingwho
Many hilarious moments ensure when you're part of the Pond family.
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The Impossible Girl [ON HIATUS] by SouffleGirlX
The Impossible Girl [ON HIATUS]by SouffleGirlX
Rights to the BBC for characters, the plot is mine. [Currently on hiatus - I'll get back to you ASAP - SouffleGirlX]
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The Untold Adventures of The Doctor by KashmirKreations
The Untold Adventures of The Doctorby Kashmir
We all know the story's told on the popular TV series 'Doctor Who' but what about the untold adventures? Those moments when The Doctor mentions something that you don't...
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