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The Wildcards: Book 1 by The_Wildcards
The Wildcards: Book 1by The_Wildcards
{Complete} They call him a delinquent, a criminal, a cold-hearted sociopath, but Asher German saved us all. From the cruelty of the streets, the abuse of those who are...
Unconnected From My World by shamaru12
Unconnected From My Worldby shamaru12
Awards: # Second place winner in Mystery/Thriller category in ☆Magical Awards☆ # Third place winner in mystery category in Silver Moon Awards 🌙 1st Edition 🌙 * * * * *...
Age of Demons by Taylor_Merlot6
Age of Demonsby Taylor_Merlot6
Ashlyn and Emery share a secret: they're possessed. And they both want out. Out of the safe houses they're trapped in. For the past seven years, demons have overrun the...
Finding Joy by BlueCheese_Maker
Finding Joyby BlueCheese_Maker
"Why does everyone leave me?" Everyone has a secret, and everyone has a history. Joy is a researcher who keeps her heart locked off because of a painful and un...
The Improbable Alliance of One Angel and Demon~ Good Omens  by The-X-Men-Lover
The Improbable Alliance of One ☾*TARDIS Noise*☽
God does not play dice with the universe. This we know. But God's understudy? She has no such qualms. An angel and a demon, their past and present intertwined, are on th...
above all else by NeoKultured
above all elseby NeoKultured
you take me to the sky, you make me feel so high. © 2020 -- a sweet and savoury book, filled with short poems about the highs and lows of life. you'll see themes ranging...
Eudaimonia: Maya's Journey by CJRAubert
Eudaimonia: Maya's Journeyby CJRAubert
Eudaimonia is very different from Maya's familiar London. Here, knights and samurais have coexisted in peace for millennia. Now the stubborn fifteen year old has to put...
Romance lies  by AWeinz
Romance lies by Albright Belyse
THE WORST THING WITH BETRAYAL IS IT ALWAYS COMES FROM CLOSE PEOPLE AND THE TRUSTED ONES. Patricia an elegant,independent woman mets Alexander at college and becomes his...
God Complex (HIATUS) by deliiiiirosa
God Complex (HIATUS)by deliiii
*tw* (selfharm, drugs, alcohol) "I want to be trained. I want to kill her. She murdered my mom. I need," her voice wavered, "I need to be like you, if...
A Poem a Day Keeps the Therapist Away (A collection of poems) by ehhh_its_brookie
A Poem a Day Keeps the Therapist Brooklynn
It's amazing how one word can bring a thousand thoughts to mind. A collection of poetry that I wrote based off of one word each day!
OtherBound by Zorenius
OtherBoundby TheArtOfWarfare
Vez is the resistance. Zoren is the revolution. Five years ago the King of Jinn, a demon race, possessed a magically gifted twelve year old boy named Zoren. After slaugh...
Celestial Spirit Princess - Leo x Lucy by slayer537
Celestial Spirit Princess - Leo Slayer
In this universe, Lucy is the Celestial Spirit Princess. She can summon spirits using keys and transform into star dresses that grant her with similar spirit powers. Dre...
The Darkness Awakes (A Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover) by DamObsessedBookworm
The Darkness Awakes (A Percy 𝘉𝘰𝘰𝘬𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘮
Once The Seven, Nico, and Thalia recieve the next Great Prophecy they head to Hogwarts to protect 'The Chosen One'. Meanwhile Annabeth also receives a message from her m...