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The Living Dead by the_perfect_team
The Living Deadby the_perfect_team
Avisha is an average high school girl. Her city situated near a forest . . . which is known for it's viciousness, no one who has ever entered the forest has come out ali...
I Morti Viventi "The Living Dead" - Life VS. Death. by dysphoriaa
I Morti Viventi "The Living Dead" dysphoriaa
"As I slowly lose my humanity, he gains his." I Morti Viventi, or The Living Dead, are creatures much like vampires but with a small twist. They feed off of e...
Death At Your Doorstep | Book One: A New Begining by danielmstark
Death At Your Doorstep | Book Daniel M Stark
When a cancer cure goes horribly wrong and turns people into zombies, David is forced to leave his home. He teams up with his friends and family, though his parents are...
To Survive the Apocalypse by GeekyAuthor30
To Survive the Apocalypseby That Writer
Morgan was inspecting a dark light, when it hit her. There was something particularly strange about this world. No one had roamed the streets to travel anymore. She had...
THE FOG by ebincuster
THE FOGby Ebin Custer
After America and Russia wage nuclear war, the bombs bring a mysterious fog turning all life into the living dead.
Vampiric Encounters by AnImaginator99
Vampiric Encountersby AnImaginator99
Welcome to the world of the undead. A world in which true evil exists and pure good does not. Follow pivotal events in the lives of seven vampire like creatures in serie...
Bored. by ChildOf_Neptune
#7 Kc
16 year old Aliyah is bored of life, she's done with it, and wants an adventure. Something interesting to happen for once. Her life may seem interesting to some, who kno...
The New Beginning  by -Devonic-
The New Beginning by -Devonic-
My name is Leroy; there was a war that has went on for the past 15 years and now it finally ended but, a disease was released into the air caused by the nukes. The disea...
ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴠɪɴɢ ᴅᴇᴀᴅ by GeorgleWhlte
ᴛʜᴇ ʟɪᴠɪɴɢ ᴅᴇᴀᴅby GeorgleWhlte
Melanie and Logan weren't expecting what was going to happen. That night they stared death in the face. And death being the fire that burned them. How can they be ghosts...
The Sun In Her Moon| ✓|Book One| ☾ (2016) by txguanhxrris101
The Sun In Her Moon| ✓|Book One| ☾ ♔ 1 0 1 ♔
Something is definitely odd about Beauty's Klein-Levin Syndrome, but who cares when a hot mysterious guy pops up regularly in her life, and in her dreams? What's the poi...
The secret by kaykay173889
The secretby kaykay173889
About a young girl {ciena}with a secret that no one must know!!
Survival of the Fittest  by mladyannette
Survival of the Fittest by .........
♡I had help writing this with my friend. @jojo4604 ♡ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This story is about these friends who are trying to survive the zombie apocalypse. They a...
Niflheim by JadedWillow
Niflheimby Kayla
In the land of the dead, a young woman awakens from her tomb with little knowing of what may have caused her death. With the help if three Niflheim men, and other Niflhe...
The living dead (Tragic story #2) by maicaweirdo
The living dead (Tragic story #2)by maicaweirdo
Zarina Ferrero considers herself a living dead, after all the tragedies she had been through. She is cold. Doesn't care about anything.. but to only live despite the dar...
The Living Dead: A Survival Story To Remember  by thewalkerbite
The Living Dead: A Survival Catherine The Great
You've always meticulously waited for the apocalypse. You were never really looking forward to it, but you knew what to do. You're prepared. You and your friends have ta...
The Living-Dead by nameofursextape
The Living-Deadby Maelynn the Walker loves Broo...
what happens when Charlie comes face to face with a scenario she always wished would happen? people - loved ones - die in front of her very own eyes
The Outbreak  by jennyx10
The Outbreak by jennyx10
"I have to find her! One way or another!" Stefan shouted in his so called room growing inpatient and becoming more frustrated by the second. "Think positi...