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The Girl Who Loved | A Tom Riddle Story by AugustLikeTheMonth
The Girl Who Loved | A Tom August
Tom Marvolo Riddle. The most infamous dark wizard of all time. His legendary rise to power as the Dark Lord will forever strike fear in the hearts of those who hear the...
the brave ones // h.s. by oceanlyfe
the brave ones // bemy
"the brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
You & me makes US by Praahi
You & me makes USby Praahi
It's a story about love and sacrifice which would bring lot of changes in the life of Swara and Sanskar. Does every love story should end with a sacrifice? Or will they...
I Speak Fluent Sarcasm by Geek_Girl_write
I Speak Fluent Sarcasmby Bella :)
Highest Rank: #24 in Humor Aylissa Leeton. The new girl to town. She is a hot blonde haired girl with bright blue eyes. She gets along with everyone. All the boys chase...
Woods of Lupi by Elizabeth_Helena
Woods of Lupiby R.E.H. Wilson
Screams were heard, fire lighting the dark night and smoke thick in the air. In the middle of all the chaos, she lied in her white flower dress, blood-stained and crumbl...
Letters to Life: Letters written to a loved life by VolcanicDaisy
Letters to Life: Letters written Khushi Soni
Sequel to Letters to Life: Letters written to a lost life A collection of prose and poetry Highest ranking #7 in poetry
No Homo by The_DramaQueer
No Homoby The Drama Queer
When broke college students Thomas and Minho move in together to save money things get awkward quick - But the tried and true method of saying "no homo" will k...
Aneurin by AliceBarnes
Aneurinby Alice Barnes
Never trust a fae. Never give them your name. Never fall for their tricks. Three simple rules that Enid should have followed, three simple rules that she forgot. In t...
Mafia's possession by courtneyrush756
Mafia's possessionby courtneyrush
ON HOLD FOR NOW (might have slow updates :)) What do you call it when a mafia leader and a teenage girl walk into a bar? : One hell of a story... Crimson is one of the m...
The Hunger Games one shots. This one shot book explains what would happen if katniss never volunteered. If Rue never died. These would be REALLY change the trilogy. In s...
I Walked by MariaPagan64
I Walkedby MariaPagan64
A poetry story about an adventure through the forest. It up to you to figure out his journey.
The Haze by sabialdi
The Hazeby Sabi.A
Highest Ranks: #3 in New Author, #2 in Regular Updates 2nd place in the Awesome Awards (Humour and Romance)! Luna knows she made the right decision, but her actions ha...
Empress Of Islands by LJohnson_97
Empress Of Islandsby Lanae Johnson
Twelve years after a life-threatening night, the princess of Tacimi has been called back to her home island. The disappearance of her cousin has put a rift in the agreem...
Unrequited Love by myaura
Unrequited Loveby Poojaa
My best friend is under a psychiatrist observation, only because of that person whom she depends a lot, who was her love and life.The man whom she believed the most bet...
garden by oferudition
gardenby яевесса
eva: nineteen years old, anxious, stays up too late, thinks too much, attempted suicide at thirteen, hopeless cause to many. seb: twenty-two years old, smoker, talks too...
Freelands  by MariosKr
Freelands by Marios Kr.
The Freelands are in a vurneable position. Threatened by North from Barbarians and by south from the Tyrrants, They stand on a thin line between freedom and slavery. And...
Hello, my name is anika by Finchflame
Hello, my name is anikaby Finchflame
Hello. I'm Anika Bell. This is my notebook. These are my conversations. This is my story.
BOTTLED UP by Black_n_Red
A collection of poems, short stories, thoughts and me. Just beauty in the simple things I see. The truth of life, the madness, the pain, the thunder and the rainbow; the...
Succulents on the Window  Sill by Meghan_Mars
Succulents on the Window Sillby Meghan Mars
[1st in Chicklit: The Constellation Awards] It's never a good idea to wake up next to your best friend's boyfriend. What is Corinne to do though, when this is to become...