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My Darling (Steve Rogers Love Story) by writingthisandthat
My Darling (Steve Rogers Love writingthisandthat
Alice Williams was a simple girl who lived a not so extraordinary life. She was not a well-known journalist who wrote famous articles. She didn't have any family, neve...
Red Room ~ Marvel Studios [1] by -SunsetSky-
Red Room ~ Marvel Studios [1]by S U N N Y
Alyona was raised to kill. Being trained since she was 6 to become a deadly assassin, she is sold to HYDRA after finishing her Red Room training, now a fully functionin...
Phantom ▷ b. barnes [1] ✔️ by rh27writer
Phantom ▷ b. barnes [1] ✔️by R.H.Writer
❝ We are the heroes of our time, but we're dancing with the demons in our minds. ❞ In which Samantha Clarence vows to avenge her brother. Nothing is going to stop her; n...
Dimidium ~ Marvel Studios [7] by -SunsetSky-
Dimidium ~ Marvel Studios [7]by S U N N Y
Ally managed to be on the surviving half of the snap, but some of the people she would now call her family weren't so lucky. Ally's life has been turned upside down for...
Everly || Steve Rogers by HaleyPancakes98
Everly || Steve Rogersby Haley
"Though I may cry a river, I will not drown in it." In which she needed a hero, so she became one. #1 in "thefirstavenger" as of 1/24/20 #1 in "...
The other Barnes by AmyCarrington_2002
The other Barnesby Amy❤️
Sergeant James Buchanan Barnes had a 15 year old little sister who was not only the only female in the howling commandos, Mia Barnes was the only female solider in the 1...
Chosen | The Winter Soldier by weareavengers
Chosen | The Winter Soldierby Elaine
"We don't know why we were chosen to be who we are, and we wish to be what we aren't. That is our biggest mistake."
Alchemy Jones → Bucky Barnes [1] by fandomsoundsinnocent
Alchemy Jones → Bucky Barnes [1]by Be Kind To Everyone
The year is 1945, the world is at war and no one can escape the tragedies that come from the inhuman acts of violence and murder. With the Nazi-backed HYDRA organization...
Swan Song ✧ STEVE ROGERS by polgadots
Swan Song ✧ STEVE ROGERSby whitest black girl™
SWAN SONG | ❝ i can't lie, i'm scared to open my eyes cause what if i find nothing at all? ❞ ➣ MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE ➣ STEVE ROGERS/CAPTAIN AMERICA × OFC ➣ SET IN...
Steve Rogers x Reader & Bucky Barnes x Reader One Shots by AlexanderRae
Steve Rogers x Reader & Bucky Al
Steve Rogers & Bucky Barnes make me feel things. All the love, AlexanderRae xo
Priceless // Steve Rogers by rey_bellion
Priceless // Steve Rogersby ・゚✧mj austen✧・゚
"YOUR PAST DOES NOT DEFINE YOUR FUTURE" Beatrice Sith has lived in New York City for as long as she can remember, but she can't remeber her life before the age...
Soul Mates. [Female Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes] by Slytherin_Qu33n
Soul Mates. [Female Steve Rogers Melissa Santos
Stevany G. Rogers, is and only child in her family, she spent more time sick at home than out playing with kids her age, but when she finally stopped getting sick she wo...
Misplaced In Time by RJHarma
Misplaced In Timeby R.J. Harma
"Perseus Jackson it is not yet your time. There is still something that you must do. We are sending you back in time..."
Stay|B. Barnes|Book 1 by _BuckyIsWinter_
Stay|B. Barnes|Book 1by ⭐️Stars and Space⭐️
"You Smell Like Pine." --- Clara Remmings was always a strong and brave girl. Her mother died when she was nine years old and one day, she ran into and alley a...
Travelin' Soldier ° BUCKY BARNES | VOL. 1 by sokkascock
Travelin' Soldier ° BUCKY BARNES | hey hey hey!!
in which they send each other letters. [bucky barnes x lara roth] [captain america; the first avenger] [book one] [completed] [cover by wintersoIdier]
Steve & Bucky Imagines/Preferences by absolutely_sebstan
Steve & Bucky Imagines/Preferencesby Ray
Bucky and Steve one shots and Preferences based on the cinematic characters. I hope you enjoy! Xx -ON HOLD- Not taking requests. ~Ray
Sicarius ~ Marvel Studios [4] by -SunsetSky-
Sicarius ~ Marvel Studios [4]by S U N N Y
This is the 4th book in the RED ROOM series, read RED ROOM, EBOLLIUM and RECONCILIATION first. ! The Avengers are back to defeat a race of killer machines. Alyona has d...
Back to Barnes // the winter soldier by kilgrave
Back to Barnes // the winter Emily
Get him out of Gehenna. Get him to SHIELD. He's your prisoner. He's your responsibility. Don't form a soft spot for him. Don't become the hero here. Don't take his pla...
Origin | Civil War {2] by weareavengers
Origin | Civil War {2]by Elaine
"No matter which side you pick, I'll still love you."
Reconciliation ~ Marvel Studios [3] by -SunsetSky-
Reconciliation ~ Marvel Studios [3]by S U N N Y
This is the third book in the Red Room series, read RED ROOM and EBOLLIUM first ! Alyona managed to survive the Battle of New York, helping to save the world from a god...