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My Little Mate by Totalgirldreamer
My Little Mateby Yuvi
(WangXian X WeiLan) The legendary wolf who holds the power of destruction along with his other half who holds the power of creation. This two along with two more joined...
Oblivious⎪𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕝 by slytherxngxrl
Oblivious⎪𝕋𝕚𝕞𝕖 𝕋𝕣𝕒𝕧𝕖𝕝by 💚✨𝒩𝒶𝓇𝒸𝒾𝓈𝓈𝒶 ℳ𝒶𝓁𝒻�...
[ON HOLD TEMPORARILY] "That again? Can't you just give it a rest? He's my husband. I-" Harriet stopped. "-love him?", Línnea inquired, quirking her...
Memories~Poems by ceoofloving
Memories~Poemsby ♡︎Bash♡︎
❤ As you enter into the depths of this poem book, you would soon realise that this world isn't pretty. Many people are hurt deep down and they never show it but I promis...
Dragon: Myth of the Bermuda Triangle by CroodsGirl
Dragon: Myth of the Bermuda The Writing Nerd
Twelve-year-old Will is a dragon...a member of the Water Clan that thrives in the Bermuda Triangle. His parents abandoned him seven years ago and never returned, leaving...
Through the Wormhole by CroodsGirl
Through the Wormholeby The Writing Nerd
Have you ever wanted to see where life first began? Meet Daniel Matton, a legendary adventurer who ventured to the past, present, and future in a starship known as PPMC...
Tough Times Are Ahead by Urvashi123098
Tough Times Are Aheadby Upasana Sarma
(EDITING & ONGOING) It's a Story about a girl who always catches Nightmares... Which reveals some of many hunted things... where she changed her whole profile to an Anot...
Love You Forever [🔒]  by Totalgirldreamer
Love You Forever [🔒] by Yuvi
Even Though You're Gone, I'll Still Be Loving You Forever. ........................................................... Regrets do come in the end when you already lost t...
The Unknown Poet: Untold Soul by Yeojob
The Unknown Poet: Untold Soulby Joey
"Silence is the shadow of my pen." These are not mere poems for me, it is my emotion, a part of my life. ❤️ This piece is a revision and edition of Random Thou...
Rains 'n Us (Insane Rains) [On-going] by Yeojob
Rains 'n Us (Insane Rains) [ Joey
Billy Domingo, a man who suffered tragic events in his life. He even thought of ending his time. He lost everything and just want to die. However, gaining life is totall...
Boy Online by Poet128
Boy Onlineby Poet128
Anay, born and brought up in an Indian family, has had a hard time figuring out his sexuality, and that changes when he meets his 'prince charming' online. What happens...
Of Roses And Thorns by Just_Minah_
Of Roses And Thornsby Aminat Raji
Every teenager wants to be accepted into a prestigious university, to finally rid themselves of the cage they call home. They want to get out of the cage, spread their w...
Clarity [BXB] by Bonolo20K
Clarity [BXB]by B20K_♡_U
[Clarity is clear to see] Can I forgive my sins or shall I die in vain ~* *~ The world is shit yet everyone prays for grace e...
I Love You Half Breed [ Aquaman MxM ] by ItSmYwAyToDoThInGs
I Love You Half Breed [ Aquaman @WaY_👻
"Put two ships in the open sea without wind or tide, it will come together." --- "Violence has always plagued the surface." -- "But I already k...
Hurt, Broken & Shattered by xXVredeXx
Hurt, Broken & Shatteredby xXVredeXx
Welcome, welcome. Take a seat and let me Tell you a story. Many think that they know me But Oh, They are so wrong. One minute I'm ecstatic! The next I crumble and F...
THE NIGHT STYLE COMMUNITY BOOK by nightstylecommunity
HIRING!!! This is about the night style community and this is the book where we would be hiring... Are you ready to become wolves?
Tell - Tale Heart by cookieneon
Tell - Tale Heartby -nya♡
"life is a conundrum of esoterica" meaning - life is full of surprises A collection of heartwarming , hand woven short stories by Nya @cookieneon copyright c...
Strings Entangled ⎜ On hold by -JADEITE-
Strings Entangled ⎜ On holdby ❛𝑷 ꒰🥂꒱
When their pulses pound at their headspace, When they lose sight of themselves, When their burning tears cause the blisters within, Three...
Life of an Indian Teenage Girl by PoeticPassion
Life of an Indian Teenage Girlby Sansita
🏅 Winner of The Dreamer Awards 2020 🏅 🏅 Third place in The KitKat Awards 2020 🏅 Just a few bits of my life as an Indian and a teenager. This is basically my book o...
The Hawk by Unfiltered_Remake
The Hawkby ...
1790 and England in on the cusp of war with revolutionary France. Lieutenant James Hayter has achieved his heart's desire - his first independent command, His Majesty's...
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