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My Quiet Silent Little Angel by writer_queen95
My Quiet Silent Little Angelby Wolf Rain
Yugi Motou is a twenty year old college, he was born deaf and worked at his grandfather's game shop during the weekends. No one wanted to date a deaf person so he has be...
Abandoned Lights by JazmineMuoz
Abandoned Lightsby Jazmine Muñoz
Yugi, Ryou and Marik were abandoned by their yami's, friends and family. Tea was the reason why it happened so the lights are left alone but the Gods didn't want them to...
Dragons and a Rose w/ Thorns by Chaos_Knight1
Dragons and a Rose w/ Thornsby Chaos_Knight1
Y/N Sennen-Muto, the daughter of the great 'King of Games', Yugi Muto, and the Great Powerful Pharaoh, Atem 'Yami' Sennen. She's also known as the next 'King Of Games'...
Outkasts by GabbyKirklandJones
Outkastsby Gabby Kirkland-Jones
What do you get when you add four outkasts and four rich princes in one high school? Why is Otogi looking at Honda that way? Why is there a "k" in outkasts? Jo...
Blind Puzzle Book 3 : The Jewel of Japan by 08September21
Blind Puzzle Book 3 : The Jewel of...by Mai Lady
Crown Prince Atem was gay and he hasn't find the man that he likes yet this doesn't stop girls to flirt with him believing that they could change his preference. He has...
A Bet, A Stolen Phone And A Love Song (Puzzleshipping) by Kura-chan
A Bet, A Stolen Phone And A Love S...by Kura-chan
There's always that one boy at the back of the class. He never interacts with anyone, keeps to himself, and always played games by himself. He didn't really have any fri...
Blind Puzzle Book 1 : A Lot Like Love by 08September21
Blind Puzzle Book 1 : A Lot Like L...by Mai Lady
A 15 years old girl named Yugi was sitting alone on her windowstill, rain is pouring heavily as she silently crying over her dead grandfather Solomon, over her friends...
Yu-Gi-Oh Oneshots! by shortpromptlongkiss
Yu-Gi-Oh Oneshots!by Alyex Barton
Oneshots of my personal favorite ships in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom.
Yu-Gi-Oh! One-shots [Closed] by Rena_Blanc
Yu-Gi-Oh! One-shots [Closed]by Maple
[Finally closed. No more requests. Sorry.] Exactly what the title says. Short one shots. Or long ones. It depends on how much I want to add. And as much as I don't like...
MY YAMI (Yaoi) by MichelleKChapman
MY YAMI (Yaoi)by Michelle Chapman
My Yami is a YAOI (boy X boy) Yugioh fanfic. Yami X Yugi, Bakura X Ryou, Marik x Malik and Seto X Joey. This about how each Hikari's (Lights) love their Yami's (Darks)...
Love's War (Tendershipping) by Kura-chan
Love's War (Tendershipping)by Kura-chan
Ryou had been with Bakura for a while. He enjoyed his company, and he enjoyed him, too. The thing about Bakura though, was that he was a bit of a douche. But Ryou still...
Rescuing A Hero by Puzzleshipping44
Rescuing A Heroby Jay Muto
Yugi's death has left the company speechless. Yami is apparently the only person who can wield Alfysteria but he seems very sad. (I wonder why *sarcasm*) What are they g...
Yugioh ship headcannons [Completed] by okacolaXD
Yugioh ship headcannons [Completed]by Rai
Random headcannons I have about different ships in Yugioh, requests are allowed. This book will most likely only contain ships from the original series snd I don't mean...
The Boy in the Attic (Yugioh Watty Awards Winner 2015) by DisposableVillain
The Boy in the Attic (Yugioh Watty...by Elliot
Yugi always loved snow. Except when it prevented him from leaving his house. But because of the snow, he saw his new neighbour in the attic through his window. Ever sinc...
Dragon Bites (Puppyshipping) by Rena_Blanc
Dragon Bites (Puppyshipping)by Maple
I found a baby dragon when I was nine. A white dragon with blue eyes. I took care of it for years, and now, someone wants to take him away. Not only Blue Eyes, but the d...
Blind Puzzle Book 4: The Vessel of the Sun and Destruction Dragons by 08September21
Blind Puzzle Book 4: The Vessel of...by Mai Lady
According to the legends, there are six powerful Ka Monsters that ever existed: 1. Wing Dragon of Ra 2. Osiris the Sky Dragon 3. Obelisk the Tormentor 4. Gandora the Dr...
Blind Puzzle Book 2 : What Hurts The Most by 08September21
Blind Puzzle Book 2 : What Hurts T...by Mai Lady
A hikari cannot live without a yami. A hikari without a yami has a year to live and will slowly vanish, the said hikari will become particles of lights before completel...
When We Were Dreamers by OmegaParadox
When We Were Dreamersby Consulting Fanfictioner
Headaches and pain. Death and murder. Love and friendship. Duel Monsters one shots, spanning all generations and characters. No longer open for requests, as it has now b...
The Dragons Heart by MillennialSceptile
The Dragons Heartby Anon
The Dragon prince Yugi isn't what he believes he is. When his kingdom is threatened by an unknown group of dragons trying to revive the ancient titans who once ruled, he...