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No Matter What (TWD: Clementine & Luke) by Batman_panda23
No Matter What (TWD: Batman_panda23
Luke and Clem are separated from the group long ago, now they both strive together in the zombie infested world. It's been 7 years, Clementine is 18, still niave but sma...
The One Eyed Girl (Old Version) by DaFlameDF
The One Eyed Girl (Old Version)by Jibe
Kenny did not take the radio from Clementine, and now she is paying the price for his mistake.
Carry Me (TWD: Clementine and Luke) by Batman_panda23
Carry Me (TWD: Clementine and Luke)by Batman_panda23
Clementine and Luke fought their way out of Woodbury but what happens when Woodbury is at their front gate? Together, the two fight side by side until they're suddenly f...