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Spider-Man Male Reader x The Walking Dead Game by MANOMAGlC
Spider-Man Male Reader x The ᴍᴀɴᴏ
❝ When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you. ❞ After being given the proportional agility, strengt...
The Warriors (TWDG) by _weird_champ_
The Warriors (TWDG)by Savannah
What if Kenny had another kid? An older sister to Duck, a girl named Kassidy. See how Kassidy and her family make it in the apocalyptic world and watch as she struggles...
The Wolf's Assistant (Alternate Ending) by BigTiddyMothGf
The Wolf's Assistant (Alternate Sophia
Maybe Nox and Bigby deserve a happy ending after all...
The Walking Dead: Bad Blood by LTLeech
The Walking Dead: Bad Bloodby LT. Leech
Javier Garcia Gets Separated From His Family At The Junkyard After Being Caught By A Couple Of Goons, Until He Got Rescued By A Teenage Girl Named Clementine, Now They G...
The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x reader) by Emily_Michaelis_432
The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x Emily_Michaelis_432
Once upon a time in New York City, there lived a community of fairy tale characters known as Fabletown. The Fables who live there arrived hundreds of years ago, after th...
What Remains (Season 3) by MANOMAGlC
What Remains (Season 3)by ᴍᴀɴᴏ
It's been a long journey since Chase Anderson first met Clementine back in Macon. They've witnessed glimpses of hope, and endured loss throughout their travels together...
"A Matter between Brothers." by LTLeech
"A Matter between Brothers."by LT. Leech
So, I Had This Idea On My Mind, Like, What If Lee's Brother Never Died? What If B. Everett Met Up With Lee And Clementine At The Drugstore? Guess We're Gonna Find Out, F...
The Walking Dead: Welcome to the New Age by BlueStarFlower
The Walking Dead: Welcome to the BlueStarFlower
As the world ends with the dead started walking, Lee Everett, a convicted murderer, was on his way to prison when the police car crashed in a accident and manages to esc...
The Wolf & The Thief by R-L-Moran
The Wolf & The Thiefby Moran
Bigby wolf never took a particular liking to anyone in Fabletown. He had his moments with Snow but that was about it. But one seemingly normal day brings him back to a f...
The Final Season: Behind The Scene by mylittlecrafty
The Final Season: Behind The Sceneby mylittlecrafty
This is just for fun. Beside I think this would be something fun to ask our favourite characters from S4
The Walking Dead: Louis x Reader  by meditated_melon
The Walking Dead: Louis x Reader by Minus
This story will be taken from TWDG: The Final Season. Instead of Clem's perspective, it's from yours. It's Louis x Reader and throughout the story yours and his relatio...
SOLDIER ON.  ━  the walking dead game by obeIisk
SOLDIER ON. ━ the walking dead 𝒄.
For a long time, Eden Perkins believed she wouldn't find another human being she would willingly die for - she didn't want to. The past few months of her life, ever sinc...
Clementine  by metana123
Clementine by Etana
This story takes place after the final season of The Walking Dead Game. Clem deals with life after losing her leg and continuing to raise AJ to become a strong individua...
Batman The Telltale Series Season 5 by gigan2004
Batman The Telltale Series Season 5by gigan2004
With three young Robins at once, and the city overrun by his rogues gallery, Batman faces his toughest adventure yet.
Dead Weight {MCSM} by spiritoast
Dead Weight {MCSM}by friendly bog creature
dead weight, /ˈded ˈˌwāt/, noun -a heavy or oppressive burden or responsibility. -something that makes it difficult for development, progress, or change to happen. --- W...
Wonder Woman: Lost (After Heroes 1 Part 1) by gigan2004
Wonder Woman: Lost (After Heroes gigan2004
Following the events of Heroes, Wonder Woman brings her daughters Rey and Clementine to the island of Lost to find Sawyer.
Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction} {REWRITE IS OUT!!} by spiritoast
Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode friendly bog creature
Lack of Energy... Labored Breathing... Common symptoms of Wither Sickness. Caused by overexposure to the Wither Storm and its Tractor Beams. The victim will begin to gro...
The Final Season: Undead Battle by mylittlecrafty
The Final Season: Undead Battleby mylittlecrafty
The sequel of Private Ratboy. Take places, 1 mouth later after the battle against The Delta. Things soon changes as an unknown huge herd of walkers appears at the school...
Carry Me (TWD: Clementine and Luke) by Batman_panda23
Carry Me (TWD: Clementine and Luke)by Batman_panda23
Clementine and Luke fought their way out of Woodbury but what happens when Woodbury is at their front gate? Together, the two fight side by side until they're suddenly f...
Becca  by 666karinosh
Becca by ...
this is a fan made story about shel and beccas fate after Howe's was destroyed by the walkers in season 2