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SOLDIER ON.  ━  the walking dead game by obeIisk
SOLDIER ON. ━ the walking dead 𝒄.
For a long time, Eden Perkins believed she wouldn't find another human being she would willingly die for - she didn't want to. The past few months of her life, ever sinc...
Spider-Man Male Reader x The Walking Dead Game by MANOMAGlC
Spider-Man Male Reader x The ᴍᴀɴᴏ
❝ When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you. ❞ (Y/N) (L/N) is your average high school junior at E...
Ericson's Boarding School (Clementine X Reader) by resevoir315
Ericson's Boarding School ( TheGuyG
(Clementine X Reader) Welcome to Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth. After... "it" happened... Most of the teachers at Ericson's Boarding School aba...
Tales from the Borderlands One Shots by ReiGn165
Tales from the Borderlands One Eyes up, Guardian
(TFTBL Character X Reader) COMPLETED Tales From the Borderlands One Shots series, here for your enjoyment of character scenarios and inserting yourself in the story to m...
No Matter What (TWD: Clementine & Luke) by Batman_panda23
No Matter What (TWD: Batman_panda23
Luke and Clem are separated from the group long ago, now they both strive together in the zombie infested world. It's been 7 years, Clementine is 18, still niave but sma...
My big brother Luke (The Walking Dead Game)  by DepressedCarrot
My big brother Luke (The Walking K A Y
1st book of the 'My Big Brother Luke' series. Clementine and Luke get separated from the group at Howes. Only they remain. Opportunities arise, but will they take them...
ClementineXLouis ~ The Walking Dead the Final Season by ClemmieCloo
ClementineXLouis ~ The Walking Missing Lee :(
I love Clem (obvi). And I love Louis (who doesn't?) but most importantly, I love them together 💞 I feel like I've read almost every Clouis fanfiction so it was time I s...
A Portal To Truths...  by jetraisendgame
A Portal To Truths... by darth stiles
Jesse. 18. Legendary hero. Saved all of the citizens of the Overworld from the deadly Witherstorm. Well.. not all. Jesse used to be a geeky, cheery, optimistic but tough...
Borderlands x Reader : Headcannons / Scenarios by Miss_Dead_Inside
Borderlands x Reader : Miss_Dead_Inside
•1st In TalesFromTheBorderlands 9-15-19 I made this because of Borderlands 3 coming out soon to help with my hype! I love the game and wanted to make one of these for a...
Camp Paya by PyreFlie
Camp Payaby Pyre
*COMPLETED* Clementine and Violet meet at Summer Camp and it's not exactly love at first sight. Personalities clash and set the two at odds. Can they let down their wall...
The Warriors (TWDG) by _weird_champ_
The Warriors (TWDG)by Savannah
What if Kenny had another kid? An older sister to Duck, a girl named Kassidy. See how Kassidy and her family make it in the apocalyptic world and watch as she struggles...
The walking dead The final story:Clementine x male reader. by 9rdaley3
The walking dead The final 9rdaley3
Please enjoy this book. I'm sorry if you don't. the reader is 18 now.
The Walking Dead: Bad Blood by LTLeech
The Walking Dead: Bad Bloodby LT. Leech
Javier Garcia Gets Separated From His Family At The Junkyard After Being Caught By A Couple Of Goons, Until He Got Rescued By A Teenage Girl Named Clementine, Now They G...
Rising With the Rest- (Another) Clouis Story by -Clouis-
Rising With the Rest- (Another) Krislyn
It's Clementine's final year in college. She lives with Louis, her highschool sweetheart, who had graduated the year prior. She has to learn how to handle the stress of...
The Walking Dead: Wellington by LTLeech
The Walking Dead: Wellingtonby LT. Leech
Clementine, Kenny, Luke And AJ finally reach Wellington, Their one destination, And after their welcomed inside, Everything seems to turn out Good for the four of them...
Walking Dead Game Collection 2 by JustAJournalist
Walking Dead Game Collection 2by 𝘵𝘢𝘺 ☼
Collection 2 of TWDG requests I've written. I hope you guys enjoy ✦ ❦ ━━━━━━━━ masterlist |
Clouis  by btsbabymochii
Clouis by 𝒷𝑜𝑜𝓎𝒶𝒽♡
a moment where marlon / brody didn't die, but marlon almost did. thankfully brody grabbed the gun from AJ before anything could happen. clementine stopped marlon from hi...
'Love Lies' - A TWDG FanFiction: Clementine x MaleReader by KennysGloriousStache
'Love Lies' - A TWDG FanFiction: KennysGloriousStache
After committing a heinous deed and putting their lives in danger, you try to get Clementine and AJ to safety. You've always loved Clem deep down, unsure of whether or n...
The Walking Dead: Louis x Reader  by meditated_melon
The Walking Dead: Louis x Reader by Minus
This story will be taken from TWDG: The Final Season. Instead of Clem's perspective, it's from yours. It's Louis x Reader and throughout the story yours and his relatio...
Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction} {REWRITE IS OUT!!} by spiritoast
Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode friendly bog creature
Lack of Energy... Labored Breathing... Common symptoms of Wither Sickness. Caused by overexposure to the Wither Storm and its Tractor Beams. The victim will begin to gro...