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𝐕𝐈𝐎𝐋𝐄𝐓 #𝟓 by Mikaelson8
The VIOLET comic story series takes on something more difficult than ever. And our young teen, Violet Benton, along with her peers are smack in the midst of it. VIOLET p...
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Runaways by gorgeousstallion
Runawaysby gorgeousstallion
Chase and her merry band of misfits, all struggle to find a solution to a long standing mystery to find each of their loved ones but this journey will be filled with dan...
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Jak to się stało ? by arbuziatko
Jak to się stało ?by arbuziatko
Życie nastolatków nie zawsze jest takie jakie by chcieli. To jest czas zmian, nie tylko w wyglądzie i zachowaniu, ale głównie w postrzeganiu otaczającego ich świata. Len...
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Dying to get home by RushedParaphrase
Dying to get homeby RushedParaphrase
In world where nothing seems to go Damien O'Connor's way. He's lonely, plagued by not belonging, and his religious family are distant at best. But when he dies of a hea...
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Shooting Hoops by JessicaCMadden
Shooting Hoopsby Jessica Madden
Logan Hayes has been arrested, and rumours are spreading fast about what happened. Now his whole future is in jeopardy as his chances of getting a basketball scholarship...
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Protected by SaffShake
Protectedby Saff Shake
Elisa Evergreen seems like your ordinary teen. She was in the popular crowd, she went to the parties and got drunk, she had a dating life and a semi-perfect family. But...
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Ferrari (New Version) by frangipanii
Ferrari (New Version)by frangipanii
"My eyelids flutter open and shut, awakening to the sunlight pouring in through the window. It beams onto the bed, providing my skin with almost as much warmth as O...
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Who? What? Why? When? Where? by creativeboo
Who? What? Why? When? Where?by Biggest boooo
Who? What? Why? When? Where? Highland Park California, Los Angeles USA was forever changing. She felt like her life is constantly twisting and turning in different dire...
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If my heart was a book this is how it would read by ursula474
If my heart was a book this is how...by Wonderland*Oxide.
Undecided if this is to stay or disappear. Bit like me then.
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Raining Love by sunkissedthot
Raining Loveby sunkissed thottie
A teenage girl suffering in an eating disorder has an interest in the popular playerish boy Jack Nellis. While her best friend Erin has an interest in his best friend Ch...
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Unusual Royalty by sxnnyshine
Unusual Royaltyby sxnnyshine༄
In this story you'll be following a girl by the name Elizabeth Blythe, in the 1800s, she recently moved to Perry Township(Town for short) with her family. Her mother enr...
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A Forbidden Love by Skymoon6311
A Forbidden Loveby Sky
15 year old Harmony Jackson has fallen in love with Alex Johnson ever since he came to her school. They become very close but soon, old family relationships come up and...
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to the broken, the happy, the end by Fogged_Eyes
to the broken, the happy, the endby ғog (안개)
A Collection of days through the years of a girl who decides to take her feelings into writing.
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My Darling by AislinStories
My Darlingby αιѕℓιη™
My darling, take my hand and let's go on an adventure where nobody will ever find us.
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Love Triangle (SEQUEL TO TT) by pfw_17
Love Triangle (SEQUEL TO TT)by pfw_17
It's the second semester at Lowell high school and some new faces have come into the picture. Some are good, some are bad. After Casey meets Konnor, they start to get re...
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Until him  by moonlightlover9
Until him by moonlightlover9
I enter the boys locker room and see that it's empty, good, I can change in here , I take off my book bag and pull out my gym clothes , as I do the gym doors open, I hid...
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per sempre; mattia polibio.  by chillmattia
per sempre; mattia polibio. by chillmattia
we faked our relationship. he got what he wanted. I got what I didn't want. and that turned out to be good. Confused? Read and understand.
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Good Boy by PleaseFancyMe
Good Boyby Fan’Cee
Rated MA In Which A Bad Boy Meets A New Student And She Makes Him Behave.
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Bad Type Of Love by GabbyBear1224
Bad Type Of Loveby ✨ᴳᴬᴮᴿᴵᴱᴸᴸᴱ✨
What happens when two different people on different sides of the track meet? Will they become friends or more? Read my new book "Bad Type Of Love" to find out
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Group Therapy by ilikewritingcrap
Group Therapyby An Mcr Stan
The story of two troubled teenagers, laynie and ryder. She hates him and he hates her. But in a world full of loss, pain, and every form of suffering imaginable, how t...
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